10 Best Diversity Recruiting Software for Inclusive Hiring in 2024

By hrlineup | 11.06.2024

Hiring candidates from different backgrounds can help your company stand out. Many candidates consider workplaces whereby their prospective employers can work with a broad workforce from diverse regions. For this reason, employers and recruiters need to encompass diversity recruiting into their sourcing strategy to attract more quality talent.

A diversity recruiting strategy will enable you to streamline the process of manual candidate sourcing and have an inclusive workplace culture. We have prepared the ten best diversity recruiting software you can use to better the hiring experience. Read along and decide which diversity-sourcing tool works best for your organisation.

1. ChartHop

Charthop logo

ChartHop stands out as one of the top choices for inclusive hiring. ChartHop offers a comprehensive platform that not only helps organizations track diversity metrics but also provides actionable insights to improve their diversity recruiting efforts. With its user-friendly interface and robust analytics, ChartHop is a valuable asset for any organization committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.

2. SeekOut


SeekOut is one of the best tools for diversity and inclusion hiring, helping you to hire, grow and retain top talent from different areas. Using this software’s advanced search capabilities, you can diversify your talent pipeline, proactively source qualified talent, and reduce biases. Moreover, the tool can assess diversity candidates using external and internal company data to match them correctly with their roles and ensure they meet the company’s expectations.

In its diversity recruiting strategy, SeekOut uses artificial intelligence to speed up the sourcing process. By so doing, the software source other talents from your applicant tracking system, enabling you to see their updated qualifications and select your best candidate based on qualification, diversity and experience. Additionally, SeekOut also integrates an anonymous tool (Blind Hire Mode) in that you can hide candidates’ details that may lead to bias in the hiring process. These details include social profiles, names, salary history, and demography.

3. Pinpoint

Pinpoint logo

Pinpoint standout as one of the best diversity recruiting software because you can assess diversity candidates from the first stage. This software offers tools to reach a diverse applicant pool with a multilingual career page, application forms, and email templates. As a result, you will get to diversify your workforce and offer a good candidate experience.

Additionally, this diversity and inclusion software encourages candidate referrals from underrepresented groups. It also has a blind recruitment feature that enables you to anonymise resumes, ensuring you only assess diverse candidates based on their skills and experience. Using Pinpoint will allow you to identify the barriers to equality and diversity in your hiring process and help you make adjustments to improve.

4. Hired

Hired logo

Hired features in our list of diversity recruiting tools because it can assess diversity candidates for tech and sales roles. It offers candidates the flexibility to apply for positions from anywhere, connecting them directly to top employers in the tech industry. The software provides skill assessment tools, DEI, and unbiased information, enabling you to create diversity-focused job boards for prospective employees.

Additionally, this software creates an equal competition platform for all applicants, ensuring recruiters focus on their skills and qualifications. Before purchasing this software, they offer you a free trial period to learn the basics before integrating into your recruitment program.

5. Gem

Gem logo

Among the many diversity sourcing tools, Gem stands out when prioritising diversity and inclusion in recruitment. The software uses DEI, content, and conferences to build and nurture diverse talent pools. Moreover, it emphasizes diversity recruiting and sourcing to build a robust talent pipeline for future targeting.

Working with Gem will automatically enable you to track applicants’ gender and place of origin throughout the recruitment process. As a result, you will deliberately diversify your workforce and avoid unconscious bias regarding the above factors. The software also provides a good candidate experience by ensuring they are engaged in the entire process.

6. Circa

Circa logo

Circa is a diversity and inclusion software targeting diverse community-based groups and reaching out to the under-represented talent pool. The software ranks and matches candidates with the role description from a database of over 3000 social networks. So, if you want to share your job descriptions with a community-based organisation, Circa got you covered.

Additionally, this software will help you to stay compliant with the regulatory bodies (OFCCP) and help you stay updated with the current diversity and compliance guidelines. It also lets you keep track of your applicants’ information and help you implement diversity training and create an inclusive workforce culture.

7. hireEZ

hireEZ logo

This software is one of the best diversity hiring tools, allowing you to expand your talent pool and hire the best to mitigate unconscious bias. It ensures inclusive hiring by removing applicants’ details, like names and photos, from their profiles. The software allows hiring candidates from minority groups, helping create an inclusive workforce culture.

hireEZ filters applicants’ information and shows the underrepresented candidates, highlights the poorly performed points and offers suggestions for improvement. Moreover, it integrates with other solutions in your HR management system to provide the best hiring experience to both candidates and recruiters.

8. Eightfold AI

Eightfold logo

Eightfold AI is one of the best diversity recruiting software, offering a talent intelligence sight for organisations conducting diversity recruiting. A good diversity recruiting strategy is the secret to winning top talents. The software anonymises the applicants and provides analytics where the recruiting process is not progressing, using artificial intelligence technology.

This software personalises the career sites allowing candidates to access their profiles and feel part of the hiring process. As a result, the process minimises unconscious bias, and recruiters major their decisions on skills and candidates’ potential. Moreover, it uses Equal Opportunity Algorithms methods to ensure all candidates’ recommendations use relevant data, not factors that can lead to discrimination i.e. Gender.

9. Fetcher

Fetcher logo

Fetcher helps organisations acquire candidates from broad backgrounds, allowing you to add to the features to get your preferred candidate. Analytic tools will help you filter your candidates based on their location by use of artificial intelligence. Moreover, the technology and operational model highlights candidates from underrepresented areas who fit your job description.

Additionally, using the demographic and engagement data, you can evaluate your company’s diversity recruiting strategy and make improvements where necessary. Its reporting features also give you an overview of your talent pipeline, helping you maximise your candidate sourcing process.

10. Yello

Yello logo

Yello software promotes hiring fresh graduates who are selected based on self-reported EEOC and OFCCP compliance data. Other than recent graduates, Yello recruits black female candidates and veterans to ensure there is equal opportunity regardless of social factors.

This software specialises in campus recruiting and diversity hiring, centralising candidates’ information to facilitate easy access and analysis. Furthermore, it allows you to analyse the impact of your inclusion culture, using DEI metrics to improve your hiring experience. Candidates also get quick feedback on the status of their application using the mobile software app.


To help your business grow, you must use diversity recruiting strategies and other recruitment techniques. Many HR officials have realised that this software cut down on their menial duties, allowing them time to focus on other company goals. Therefore, get one of these diversity recruiting softwares and access various top candidates to create an inclusive workforce.