Top 10 HR Document Management Software in 2023

By Colin Gordon | 22.12.2022

It is the responsibility of every HR manager or business owner to document and store their employees’ and company’s data. The HR records management must be done appropriately for safety and easy access. However, HR documentation can be overwhelming, especially if the procedure is done manually. The overstuffed cabinets and heaps of paper files make it challenging for you to quickly access a document when needed. The good news is that companies nowadays are taking advantage of HR document management software. Digital HR document management is more effective for centralized HR document management.

What’s more, files are easily accessible and are more secure. Therefore, if you want to automate your HR document compliance, we list below the top 10 HR document management software in 2023. All you have to do is choose a suitable one for your HR document management system by comparing their features.

What is HR Document Management System

This is a procedure whereby HR professionals source, store, and access employees’ documents in an organization. HR document management system also involves timely disposal of outdated data. Simply put, it is an effective and more compliant way to manage organizational documents. With digital HR document management, some HR tasks are simplified, leading to a fulfilled and healthy workforce

10 Best HR Document Management Software in 2023


1. Zoho Docs

Zoho docs logo

Zoho Docs provides a secure platform for document management, thus encouraging collaboration among team members. Any file you may want to store safely, whether presentation spreadsheets, images, or music, this HR document storage software stores in a centralized vault. The best element about this tool is that it also syncs data from your device to the cloud and vice-versa. This means that you can access your documents even when you’re outside the organization. 

2. PeopleDoc

Peopledoc logo

This impeccable tool allows employees to have a healthy relationship with HR professionals. The simplicity that comes with PeopleDoc makes it easier for HR professionals to attend to every employee’s needs. In addition, the software features document sharing, and it is one of the best choices for employers managing their businesses remotely. Over four million users actively benefit from the tool, so save on paper-related costs with PeopleDoc.

3. PandaDoc

Pandadoc logo

PandaDoc prides itself as an all-in-one solution to HR document management from file creation to editing and sharing. It is currently used by over 35,000 companies — a clear indication that it is trusted because of its efficiency. Most importantly, the PandaDoc is user-friendly, and its price plan varies based on what your business can afford. On top of that, it features e-signatures, predesigned templates, custom fields, approval workflows, and more. Undoubtedly, PandaDoc is a sophisticated software, and you can also integrate it with your everyday tools to keep your team more productive

4. ServiceNow

Servicenow logo

ServiceNow is fully automated and promotes efficiency in your company’s document management. The software is highly encrypted and features a legal hold that helps automate your HR document compliance. Furthermore, ServiceNow is user-friendly, creates multiple retention policies, and allows employee access so that they can stay updated with their profiles without the need to consult the HR personnel. 

5. Box

Box logo

Box is another tool that will help automate your HR document compliance. Whether you manage a small business or large enterprise, this tool supports HR files records management across teams and departments. You can easily and securely collaborate with your teams on document management using any device since it features cloud sharing. In addition, Box is highly encrypted to secure employee sensitive information and is customizable to match your teams’ workflows. 

6. Document Locator

Document locator logo

This HR file management software has proven to help maximize productivity due to its efficiency. It is backed up by a Microsoft SQL Server, meaning that it seamlessly runs inside Windows. What’s more, Document Locator allows cloud file sharing, and you can use it on all devices, including mobile. Accessing files has also been made easy through its impeccable search tool and its reliability in managing files across the entire organization.

7. DynaFile

Dynafile logo

DynaFile is one of the most reliable HR document management platforms when it comes to file recognition and scanning automation. All your digital HR document management needs are simplified with this tool, allowing you to focus on other essential organizational matters. These include scanning paper files to digital documents, editing, and signing, control access, third-party integrations to maximize efficiency. 

8. eFileCabinet

efilecabinet logo

eFileCabinet helps you manage your HR document while complying with federal and corporate regulations. It simplifies organizational tasks, thus maximizing productivity and empowering teams across HR, legal, finance, and IT departments. The automated feature gives you control over your workflows and saves time to use on other tasks that matters. If you are skeptical about your team getting used to eFileCabinet, do not worry because the tool’s dedicated technical experts will help them stay informed and efficient. 

9. SearchExpress

Searchexpress logo

This HR document storage software automates your business processes through its outstanding search and document workflow. As a result, HR professionals can make quick decisions as the tool also operates on mobile devices. What’s more, it features cloud sharing, and you can manage your documents anywhere, regardless of your teams’ location. Note that SearchExpress is AI-enabled and can replace manual data entry if need be. On top of that, it integrates with other HR software to ensure your business operates seamlessly. 

10. LogicalDoc

Logicaldoc logo

LogicalDoc is an HR document storage software perfectly tailored for large enterprises. It operates on any device, and it is excellent for managing businesses remotely. This is because it features cloud sharing, and you can scan hard copy documents and upload them for easy access by your teams. LogicalDoc also has an impeccable search tool to help you quickly find a document. In addition, it is user-friendly and has proven to improve efficiency and transparency among teams through its higher document circulation element. 


In today’s competitive business world, the last thing you want is to make costly mistakes regarding HR files records management. HR paperwork document management can cause inefficiencies or failure to comply with federal and corporate laws. Having a digital HR document management system is for your benefit, and it is something you should prioritize. With the above tools, you are guaranteed flexibility not only in document management but also in other HR tasks, including workflow management, digital onboarding, etc.