12 Best Video Interviewing Tools in 2024

By Colin Gordon | 15.07.2024

Video interview tools and techniques have been existing and used by some employers over the years. However, with the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, employers were forced to find ways of managing their hiring procedures remotely to maintain the social distance protocol. This encouraged the use of video interviewing platforms for virtual interviews, which to date have proven efficient. The best element about the best video interviewing tools 2024 is that most job applicants enjoy using it, hence making the overall candidate interviewing process seamless. 

It is not easy to identify the best video interview software among the dozens of options out there. You need a tool that is flexible and easily accessible to all interviewees regardless of their location. The best video interviewing platforms should also allow meeting scheduling, setting and sharing reminders, interview recording and more. Simply put, the software should align with an organization’s hiring needs. That being said, below are the most common virtual interview platforms based on thorough research, tests and comparison.

Our List of Best Video Interviewing Software 2024


Willo logo
Willo is a user-friendly video interviewing platform designed to streamline the hiring process. It offers a range of features such as customizable interview questions, automated candidate scheduling, and a candidate-friendly interface. With its one-way video interviews, Willo allows recruiters to evaluate candidates at their own convenience, making it easier to shortlist the most suitable candidates for further interviews.


Jobma logo

Jobma is a versatile video interviewing software designed to streamline recruitment. It offers features like one-way and live interviews, customizable questions, and collaboration tools to enhance hiring efficiency. With Jobma, employers can evaluate candidates effectively through recorded and real-time interactions, reducing time-to-hire and improving candidate experience. Its user-friendly interface and integration capabilities make it an essential tool for modern talent acquisition.


Sparkhire logo

SparkHire is a versatile video interviewing tool that caters to organizations of all sizes. It offers both live and recorded video interviews, giving employers the flexibility to choose the format that best suits their needs. SparkHire also provides a collaboration feature that allows multiple team members to review and rate candidates, facilitating a more informed hiring decision.


myInterview logo

myInterview is known for its simplicity and effectiveness. It enables recruiters to create video interview questions and send them to candidates who can respond at their convenience. The platform also includes features like automated interview reminders and a user-friendly dashboard for tracking candidate progress. Its AI-powered video analysis helps evaluate candidate responses more objectively.


Hireflix logo

Hireflix is a video interviewing tool that emphasizes candidate engagement and personalization. It offers features such as customizable interview branding and the ability to integrate with an applicant tracking system (ATS). Hireflix’s video library feature allows employers to store and reuse interview questions, saving time and ensuring consistency in the hiring process.


Vidcruiter logo

VidCruiter is a powerful video interviewing tool that stands out for its comprehensive approach to the hiring process. It offers live and pre-recorded video interviews, allowing recruiters to customize their interview experience. VidCruiter’s robust features also include automated interview scheduling, AI-driven candidate scoring, and collaboration tools for effective team evaluations.


Incruiter logo

InCruiter simplifies the hiring process with its innovative solutions. Their platform offers Interview as a Service, allowing companies to delegate interviews to expert interviewers. The AI Interview Software accelerates hiring with automated video interviews, while the AI Coding Assessment evaluates technical skills accurately. InCruiter’s Interview Scheduling tool simplifies coordination, and the Code Collab Video Interview feature combines coding and video interviews seamlessly. Companies can access a pool of Pre-Vetted Developers for projects and gain insights with Exit Interview Services. InCruiter’s comprehensive tools make the hiring process smooth and efficient for both recruiters and candidates.



Zoom is one of the leading video conferencing platforms in the world. It offers one fundamental premise, and that is to deliver happiness by making video communications frictionless. Zoom works with businesses and organizations to ensure that their teams can accomplish more. This cloud platform allows for voice, video, and contact sharing across a range of devices. One benefit of using this platform is that it allows remote interviews and is accessible for free by both the employer and the job seeker.



If you are looking for an all-in-one conferencing solution, then you should consider GlobalMeet. The tool supports both audio and video communications, interviewing candidates, whether on the web or mobile devices. In addition, it is easy to use with an intuitive user interface design that simplifies the overall organizational communication.


Hacker Rank

HackerRank is an online technology hiring platform that more than 2000 companies around the world are using. It was founded in 2012 and has its headquarters in Mountain View, California. It helps tech recruiters and hiring managers assess developer skills and evaluate their talent throughout the entire recruitment process. Through this platform, companies can hire skilled developers and accelerate the growth of their companies.



Skype is a free distance calling and video tool that now features specific tools and features for interviewers and interviewees. The site even gives tips on how interviewees can prepare for their skype interviews to ensure they get the job!

Cisco Webex


Evolving times have led to increased interactions online. Cisco Webex is an online video conferencing solution that allows for interviewing, remote working securely. It is one of the largest online video conferencing sites due to being simple to use, and exceptionally reliable. This ensures that work gets done effectively, no matter where an individual is located.

If you think we haven’t mentioned the right companies, please feel free to contact us to add more Video interview platforms companies to our list.