Employee and Applicant Accommodation Under the ADA

By hrlineup | 02.01.2020

Employees are required to do as much as they could to accommodate the needs of employees and job applicants with disabilities so that they can perform to their best of abilities in the roles assigned to them. This is where employee accommodation comes in. A good employer is one that is committed to keep the most valued employees working for him and so, he would go out of his way to make his employees comfortable and feeling valuable.

Statistics show that in the country today, one out of six workers have some kind of disability, most of which are hidden. Bearing this in mind, employers have to do their best to accommodate all employees and give them an equal chance to perform in their respective positions. The problem is that most employers are not even aware that their employees need some form of accommodation. Some employers will even be scammed by some employees who know too well that they can manipulate the law to their advantage and to the disadvantage of their employers. This is why employers are allowed to seek a second and third opinion when an employee requests for accommodation.

What is an ada accommodation?

ADA workplace accommodations can be defined as any assistant or changes to a position or workplace offered by employers to employees to enable employees do their best in their job despite having a disability. As provided under ADA, employers are required to provide any reasonable assistance and accommodation to qualified employees and applicants with disabilities, unless doing so will make things harder for them.

What is a reasonable accommodation under the ada?

Reasonable accommodation will be any change to the application process, the job, the way a certain job is done or the work environment, which allows a disabled person who is qualified for  a particular job to perform well and easily in that job. Reasonable accommodation makes sure that disabled employees and applicants are enjoying equal employment opportunities and are not getting discriminated against, because of their disability. An accommodation will be considered as reasonable if it does not create any undue hardship or a direct threat to the health and overall being of the disabled employee.

To qualify for a certain job, an employee is expected to be able to perform on certain job functions called the ada essential job functions. These are basically job duties that are fundamental in the performance of tasks in the position the employee is interested in. The expertise or skills required to perform that job and whether or not there are other employees available to perform the same tasks will be determined before the job is given to the accommodated employee.

Job accommodations are very important in ensuring that all job seekers and employees are given equal opportunities in their places of work, whether one has a disability or not. If any employee has a disability, they should request for accommodation from their employer, who should review the request and provide the necessary assistance to ensure that the employee is comfortable and productive, just like everyone else.