Best Corporate Wellness Software in 2024

By Colin Gordon | 17.06.2024

Healthy habits in the workplace are essential since they help employees maintain their overall health. As a result, there will be reduced cases of absenteeism due to unexpected illnesses. Your workers will also be motivated to be more productive. Every employer needs the best corporate wellness software in 2024, and the good news is that we have referenced the top ten below. Since every employee wellness software has its own unique features, ensure you choose the one that meets your organizational needs.

What is Corporate Wellness Software

Corporate wellness software are tools that help organizations’ administrators build corporate wellness programs to support employees’ overall health. As a result, not only will employees maintain healthy habits, but they will also stay fit. Such software often tracks employees’ fitness, offer diet guidance and solutions to weight loss, and more. Some will also provide learning seminars to help your employees understand how to live a healthy lifestyle. Your employees will also have the opportunity to enroll in exercise programs that promote mental, physical, and emotional health

Top Corporate Wellness Platforms 2024

There are dozens of corporate wellness software companies out there, making it challenging for employers to identify the best. Keep in mind that the best corporate wellness software for your business should be able to offer the necessary tools to manage a corporate wellness program. The software should also feature reporting tools that help analyze the effectiveness of the corporate programs and how the activity impacts your organization. In addition, the best corporate wellness software should integrate with HR solutions to easily manage your employees. 

Below are the best corporate wellness software that we have thoroughly tested and reviewed. So, feel free to compare their features before choosing. 

1. Wellable

Wellable Logo

Wellable is backed up with an excellent employee wellness technology that encourages and empowers organizations to effectively create and manage employee wellness programs. Its services range from offering overall health content to virtual wellness services. In addition, the software is suitable for all types and sizes of organizations. Simply ensure it fits into your corporate wellness needs and is affordable.

2. Virgin Pulse


Virgin Pulse not only assists in implementing corporate wellness programs but also encourages your employees to maintain healthy habits, especially within the organization. By supporting employee wellness, your business will be more productive as a result of a motivated workforce. Virgin Pulse also integrates with HR solutions to ensure your employees are managed effectively.

3. MoveSpring

MoveSpring Logo

MoveSpring is another reliable corporate wellness software for 2024 that is fun and has user-friendly features for any type of company. The best element about this software is that it has an excellent mobile app to help you manage your wellness programs on the go. Simply put, it is one of the corporate wellness apps that is highly rated for keeping the participants engaged for more extended periods. MoveSpring also has a self-service portal to enable you to set reminders and manage your activities.

4. Woliba

Woliba logo

Woliba or Work Life Balance is also a mobile-friendly software that promotes employee wellness and engagement. Employers will also be able to get reports regarding their workers’ progress and reward them easily. What’s more, Woliba has a self-service portal and automated communication features to encourage teamwork. With this app, you will also benefit from expert representatives who will support your organization for as long as you need their services.

5. Wellness 360

Wellness360 Logo

Wellness 360 helps create an engaged workforce by offering comprehensive solutions, including HRA, training or coaching, screening, offering wellness challenges, reporting on employee progress, and more. It also encourages team communication and has customizable features to suit any business needs. However, the corporate wellness software has different price plans, so ensure you choose the one that fits into your budget.

6. Vantage Fit

Vantage Fit Logo

Another corporate wellness app that encourages fitness and a healthy lifestyle among employees is Vantage Fit. This is an all-in-one tool that allows employers to create various engaging wellness programs and track the performance of their employees. Vantage Fit encourages your employees to keep moving and maintain a healthy lifestyle that will keep them refreshed and motivated to become productive.

7. PerkUp

Perkup Logo

As the name suggests, PerkUp encourages employers to offer employees perks and rewards for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is done by issuing perk cards to employees, which they will use to purchase healthy foods, spend on other educational or wellness programs, childcare, office materials, and more. Since reimbursement processes can be overwhelming, PerkUp minimizes this challenge. It also keeps your employees motivated to improve their well-being.

8. GoVida

GoVida logo

GoVida has various options to improve employees’ wellness, whether physical or mental health. Its ability to provide real-time analytics helps organizations create robust corporate wellness programs that will bring about the results every employer has been looking for. It also has features that allow employees to be rewarded for adhering to the set wellness programs.

9. Remente

Remente Logo

Reduce employee stress and see results with Remente. The tool is mobile-friendly and has a 24/7 dedicated mental-wellbeing expert coach to guide your employees on mental wellness. As a result, your workers’ moods will change, and you will witness a happy workforce that is determined to be more productive. Any business, regardless of size, will benefit from Remente for as long as they can afford it.

10. PepTalk

PepTalk Logo

This software is specifically tailored for a hybrid work environment. It works by allowing sharing of experiences that will empower other employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle. PepTalk also encourages teamwork and improves communication between workers. As a result, there will be more cooperation, which will lead to improved work performance. You will also access wellness content that guides your workers on living a healthy lifestyle in the workplace.


Now that you know the importance of corporate wellness software to organizations, you should consider incorporating one into your business. The above software are excellent in managing your workers hence helping them take care of their overall health. All you need to do is select a suitable one for your business. If you are wondering how to identify the one that meets your needs, note that some of the corporate wellness tools mentioned above have free trials and free versions. Therefore, you can take advantage of them to test the software before committing fully.