11 Best Workforce Management Software in 2023

By hrlineup | 20.09.2023

Most businesses have trouble managing their personnel, which threatens the company’s productivity. Your employees are your most valuable resource when it comes to guaranteeing the success of your business; thus, they must be capable and dependable in their work.

Companies must incorporate workforce management systems into their HR processes to streamline daily chores related to employee performance because of the dynamics in the digital workforce. Below, we will gain insight into the meaning of workforce management software to kickstart your employee management journey on a good note. Since there are numerous software for employee management in the market today, we will also list for you the best workforce management software in 2023 that have been tested and approved by our professional researchers. 

What are WFM Tools?

Workforce management tools are software/solutions that have been digitalised and are intended to help with daily HR workflows. Thanks to workforce planning tools, the human resource team can conduct duties like scheduling, performance management, onboarding procedures, tracking attendance, labour forecasts, and processing payroll.

Both an independent solution and an HR management department can incorporate workforce management solutions. As a result, managers in companies without a separate human resources division can use the best workforce management tools. The following are just a few advantages of workforce management systems:

  • The flexible, well-planned schedule for all employees fosters a pleasant workplace environment.
  • It strengthens management’s analytical capabilities.
  • Due to streamlined operations, the rate of human mistakes decreased.
  • It offers greater efficiency because you may spend less time making schedules and more time concentrating on your staff.

Top 11 Best Workforce Management Software in 2023

1. ChartHop

Charthop logo

ChartHop stands out for its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for HR professionals and managers to access and interpret critical workforce data. The software’s interactive org chart and customizable dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of the organization’s workforce, enabling better decision-making.

Furthermore, ChartHop simplifies the process of managing employee information, from onboarding to offboarding. It offers tools for tracking employee performance, setting goals, and conducting performance reviews, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. With its integration capabilities, ChartHop can seamlessly connect with other HR systems, enhancing efficiency and reducing data silos.

2. BambooHR

Bamboo HR

BambooHR offers HRIS that manages all your workforce activities, making it an excellent workforce management software for small businesses and companies. This solution lets you collectively manage your employees’ data, giving you insight and more time to concentrate on them.

BambooHR can assist you with employee hiring, onboarding, payroll administration, time tracking, and workplace culture development. Some features include time tracking, an ATS, data analytics, and payroll processing.

3. Oracle Workforce Management

Oracle logo

Do you desire the best mobile workforce management solution? The finest tool for you is Oracle, which combines labour and time, and leaves management with payroll and other employees’ financial information. Oracle’s technology provides worldwide coverage, monitors absence patterns, allows flexible scheduling, and encourages simple data entry.

This system is ideal for mobile workforce management because of its outstanding smartphone features. You may also use this tool to report occurrences for safety purposes quickly and use payroll charts and finance management dashboards.

4. Paylocity

Paylocity logo

Due to its technology and culture supporting its customers, Paylocity is one of the best workforce management software companies. This solution is a cloud-based financial management platform offering compensation and other financial management options.

As a result, human resource management may concentrate on more important duties like developing an inclusive and respectable workplace culture. This technology also offers mobile workforce management, allowing employees more freedom to choose their schedules. Additionally, an applicant tracking system is used by Paylocity to improve the talent management procedure.

5. SAP SuccessFactors


The data processing acronym SAP refers to systems, Applications, and Products. The top workforce management software for the healthcare industry is recognised to be SAP SuccessFactors. It offers talent management solutions, data analytics, and planning for upcoming HR workflows solutions that will enhance overall management.

The software also includes integrated tools for running payroll, learning, succession, and performance reviews. Moreover, it provides insight into employee data to improve labour planning in the future.

6. Deel

Deel logo

One of the best workforce management software companies that work with universal teams is Deel. This tool works best for contractors and employees and enables you to hire talent from anywhere in the world. Deel’s service assists you in reducing payment errors when managing temporary staff and withdrawals processed through several payment providers.

Deel’s solution, on the other hand, manages all payroll and other benefits as an employer of record. Along with managing contracts, paying back the money, and making other financial adjustments.

7. Rippling

Rippling logo

Rippling streamlines the management of payroll, HR operations, and information technology in one package and is considered one of the best workforce management systems. It provides information on all the employment data and facilitates your work. The solution’s performance is compelling, making it the most outstanding HR and IT software available, thanks to the connection of this program with other external applications like Zoom, Slack, and Office 365.

8. Papaya Global

Papaya global logo

You’d like the top report analysis, right? Since it is an automated SaaS website that offers global labour management solutions, Papaya Global gives the best. It makes managing your worldwide labour easier with integrated management tools.

The software also contains a mechanism for real-time business analytics and compensation tracking. These capabilities make it simple to retrieve all information regarding your employees who are abroad.

9. People HR 

PeopleHR logo

People HR is a cloud-based application that manages all HR tasks like applicant tracking, performance management, and report generation. When making HR decisions, the program always provides help and has a large document store capacity.

Over 7000 companies trust People HR, and it is reviewed as one of the best tools for automating repetitive tasks. The software will also help you understand employee demographics, hence finding patterns and trends that best work for your business. Simply put, People HR helps you manage your employees to reach their full potential through smart decisions. 

10. SwipedOn Pocket

SwipedOn logo

Tracking office workers and fostering a safe work environment are the goals of the location-based workforce management tool SwipedOn Pocket. Staff security is provided by accurate stamping and contactless sign-ins utilising QR codes.

SwipedOn Pockets guarantees that management knows every employee’s whereabouts and physical condition. As a result, you can estimate employee turnout and schedule jobs appropriately.

11. Hireology

Hireology logo

Without Hireology, our top ten list of the best workforce management tools would be incomplete. This solution handles hiring and recruiting and gives you all the resources needed to have the best staff and improve employee satisfaction. As a result, most organisations use this platform to find talent.

One thing we like about Hireology is that you can easily integrate it with third-party tools to effectively manage your workforce. Plus, the software offers a unique portal that every user can operate, thus streamlining communication. You can also use Hireology for employee referral programs — one way to boost employee confidence and retention rates.

Features of Best Workforce Management Software

The workforce planning tools excel in their operation due to specific features. These essential qualifications are;

  • Forecasting and Budgeting

Employers can estimate employee role allocation, optimise it, and balance work depending on labour demand, thanks to workforce management systems. Additionally, employees are assigned roles based on their prior performance. This saves time, and you are guaranteed no worker misses out on new business developments. 

  • Time Management and Keeping

With workforce management systems, you can monitor employee time and attendance, predict participation trends, and effectively plan for leaves. You can easily manage remote workers without the need to be physically present. 

  • Mobile Platform Support

The best workforce management software should support mobile devices, enabling you to hire people and fill positions with them. A mobile workforce management system also improves employee flexibility and morale.

  • Automatic Reporting

The management team can streamline the production of reports using firm data, and the manual report labour is significantly reduced in time. This feature makes it easier to identify employees’ pitfalls and provide quick feedback before affecting your business’s bottom line. 

  • Integration

The workforce management solutions must integrate with other HR workflows’ systems to offer a complete set of functions. These can be communication tools to ensure teams easily collaborate and focus on the main goal of delivering quality results. 


Every organisation wants to stay ahead of the competition in the industry, and by using the workforce management software companies above, you may maximise the potential of your employees. The firm’s size has no bearing on how these solutions are integrated; there is always something for everyone. Therefore, choose one of these workforce planning tools to improve your company’s performance and employees’ lives. As a result, your business reputation will continue growing, thus attracting top investors and talent.