Keeping it simple is what Paychex offers business owners and HR managers who are seeking payroll solutions and integrated human capital management. This company was founded in 1971 and has grown its workforce to at least 14,000 employees. As a leader in the field, Paychex Inc provides solutions for benefits, payroll, human resources, and insurance services. Their platform offers excellent mobility and stands out for being an innovative software-as-a-service technology.

Small and medium-sized business owners benefit the most from Paychex as it empowers them to pursue growth and management rather than operations. To date, this software has more than 670,000 payroll clients who are spread across at least 100 locations in the United States, Norway, Germany, Sweden, and Denmark.

Paychex offers a wide range of solutions including: –

  • Retirement services
  • Payroll processing
  • Business insurance
  • Time and attendance
  • Start-up services
  • Hiring services
  • Employee Benefits
  • Finance and payments


Although the services target small and medium-sized businesses, they also can cater to the needs of large and complex organizations. When enquiring about the right solution, specifying the size of the company by the number of employees, or the role of manager or owner, narrows down on the possible solution.

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