How to Retain Employees During the Great Resignation

By hrlineup | 18.05.2022

The great resignation is here and not going away anytime soon until employers evaluate their employees’ needs and find ways to retain them. You see, the 2020 COVID-19 was an eye-opener for employees since they felt overworked. As a result, they had to self-evaluate themselves and decide on what really mattered, whether its better pay, career development opportunities, respect, flexibility, etc. Simply put, employees are looking for new work environments where they feel valued, supported with the right tools, have a healthy work-life balance, and more.

The ongoing great resignation has left employers wondering how they could retain their existing talent. Instead of trying to understand their employees’ needs, employers are making demands, thus pushing workers further away. For instance, most workers felt comfortable working remotely during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. However, employers are now demanding them to return to the office full-time, causing a rift between the two parties. So, how do you retain employees during the great resignation? It all goes back to understanding what’s causing the great resignation and acting before it’s too late.

6 Strategies to Boost Retention Through The Great Resignation

Below are retention strategies for the great resignation. You can also use them to build your employer’s brand and attract quality candidates for the great retention 2022. 

1. Be a Good Listener

You cannot successfully run a business by making demands. By being friendly and open to conversations with your staff, it is easy for you to know what is bothering them and take measures to make them feel comfortable. For instance, employees might be uncomfortable returning to work full-time and wishes to continue working remotely. In this case, let them know why you think it is necessary for them to work full-time. You can even agree on specific days they should report to the business premise so that both parties feel comfortable. Do not focus more on their availability, but rather on work results, and this can only be possible through effective communication.

2. Offer Career Growth Opportunities

Employees feel safe where they are trusted with more work responsibilities. By not offering career growth opportunities, many of them will keep searching outside. You can conduct employee retention interviews and ask them where they will want to be in a few years. What positions would they wish to hold in the future and decide whether you can invest in their career goals to help them get there. It’s a no-brainer that sourcing new talent is challenging and costly for businesses. Therefore, having your existing workers advance their careers is like creating a talent pool to fill senior positions in the future — a win-win for both parties.

3. Reward Loyalty

Rewarding loyalty is one of the best retention strategies for the great resignation in 2022. You see, employees like where they feel valued for their input and it is essential to compensate them with good pay to prevent them from seeking opportunities elsewhere. In addition, implement an excellent bonus structure for as long as it doesn’t dig deep into your business’s finances. On top of that, consider offering financial assistance like contributing to their house down payment. Plus, recognize top performers and praise them for their input. Rewarding them with lunch dates or paid leave can also go a long way in boosting employee retention after resignation. 

4. Create a Flexible Working Environment

Many employees are leaving their current workplaces because of a need for a work-life balance. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us realized that working remotely can be as good as operating on-premise. However, some employers still want their workers to resume working on-premise and this has made employees realize how strenuous it can be. As a result, they are looking for employers willing to offer the flexibility of working from home. 

For this reason, do not be too hard on your workers and communicate with them about their comfort for as long as tasks are completed within the set deadlines. You can have them report to the business premises during specific days as agreed so that they can catch up with others and continue bonding. 

5. Support Your Workers and the Families

Nothing makes employees happy than feeling like you care about their personal lives and are willing to go above and beyond for their families. You can invest in daycare programs for employees with small children. In addition, make their paid time off worthwhile by extending their time to enjoy themselves with their families. Doing so makes them remain loyal, and it will be challenging for them to leave your company without communicating. With this strategy of keeping employees during the great resignation, you can easily identify what stresses your workers and take the necessary measure to solve them and reduce turnover rates. 

Employers should also consider investing in mental health care programs or resources. You never know what your workers go through out there that may contribute to poor performance. Also, respect their religion, cultural and spiritual beliefs. However, just ensure they align with your business values and culture. 

6. Implement the Right Recruitment Process to Hire the Right People

There is no way you can achieve the great retention 2022 by hiring the wrong employees. If you hire candidates with different values from your business, they will become unhappy and start seeking better opportunities out there. Therefore, while there is the ongoing great resignation, perhaps the problem is your hiring strategy. That being said, consider regularly reviewing your hiring process, whether it’s interviewing or onboarding procedures. You never know. There may be issues you have overlooked contributing to hiring the wrong candidates. Also, work with qualified professionals when seeking new talent. Ensure they have solid networks, connections, and experience in the hiring field to guarantee a successful hiring process


The great resignation continues to be a challenge for many employers in various sectors. In order for you to move to the great retention 2022, you must invest your time and resources accordingly. Remember, employees are your business’ backbone, so focus more on satisfying them and the rest will follow. If you have lost top skilled workers, do not fret because the tips above will help you attract other quality talents. Also, take advantage of online platforms to market your brand since a good reputation is key in sourcing and hiring the best candidates. 

All in all, keeping employees during the great resignation is all about building a solid business culture. Care and respect your employees and ensure managers have regular check-ins with them. Lastly, communicate, give feedback, and positively accept suggestions, opinions, or concerns to achieve the great retention 2022.