5 Best Employment Law Firms in 2024

By Colin Gordon | 18.06.2024

Employment law refers to labor law, which is set to protect employees’ rights from employers. For this reason, every employer needs legal advice from the best employment lawyers in order to stay abreast with employment law. In addition, they will also be able to easily handle any arising employment law issues without going through lawsuits. In this regard, we have listed the 5 best employment law firms in 2024 to help you deal with legal situations in the workplace.

It is not advisable to talk to employment lawyers all the time to evaluate how to handle your workers, considering that employment lawyers are usually expensive to hire. Instead, identify situations that may require guidance from employment attorneys before seeking their services.

Our recommended employment law firms below offer different services, and it is essential that you identify an employment legal firm that will satisfy your business needs. Note that some of the labor and employment law firms below are also legal advocates for employees, and working with them will help you understand how to handle your workers, especially when firing them.

Our List of Top Labour & Employment Law Firms 2024:


1. Jackson Shields Yeiser Holt – Attorneys at Law

Jackson Shields Yeiser Holt - Attorneys at Law

The laws of employment keep changing, and you need good legal representation by your side. As an employer, you need to be up to date with the changing regulations. The process of common law theories can be overwhelming since it requires professional development and procedures. JSYH is a partner you need to contact if you seek fair representation.

2. HKM Employment Attorneys

HKM Employment Attorneys

HKM is an employment legal firm founded in the year 2000 and has continued to solve employees’ workplace problems. Such issues may range from harassment at work, discrimination, breach of contract, among others. HKM strives to provide the best quality service to its clients. For the past 20 years, it continues to earn recognition across the 50 States and improves its service to stay on top.

3. Gerstman Schwartz LLP

Gerstman Schwartz LLP

Gerstman Schwartz LLP(GS), is an employment law firm that helps employees, as plaintiffs, get legal justice from their employers. Founded in 2007, GS serves its clients across New York state. It has a team of lawyers with quality experience to face even the most influential businesses.

4. The Klein Law Group

The Klein Law Group

The Klein Law Group is a legal advocate for employees across New York. Their knowledgeable lawyers address legislation issues across various industries and work to get their clients compensation for mistreatment from their employers. If you feel that your employer was in violation of laws relating to fair working practices or if they have a claim against you, one of their lawyers can give you a free assessment of these claims and let you know if you have a strong case.  The firm won’t charge you a fee unless they win a settlement. The lawyers at the firm speak multiple languages and provide information on their website to empower their clients to know their rights in the workplace before things escalate.

5. The Cochran Firm

The Cochran Firm

The Cochran Firm works with a singular goal to offer exceptional representation to anyone who is a victim of injustice. Founded by Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. this law firm has been offered legal services for more than 40 years. The main services on offer from this firm are national personal injury and criminal defense law services. Highly qualified and professional lawyers ensure that the services from this firm are available to individuals through multiple offices across the United States.

If you think we haven’t mentioned the right companies, please feel free to contact us to add more best employment legal firms to our list.