What does Chief Human Resources Officer mean?

By hrlineup | 09.01.2020

Enter any large, growing and brilliant organization, and there is one thing that you will notice. That is, an excellent team of people who are holding fort. They are the human capital of the organisation, a major investment tasked with driving the business forward. Maintaining this team requires management, and that is where the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) comes in.

The Chief HR officer is an upper management executive who will ensure that all hr procedures are upheld. They are changing what it means to manage people, being a part of the exclusive C-level executives. For a long time, their contribution in organisations was not recognised, and they reported to many other managers. Being C-level executives today means that they only report to the CEO and can fulfil their crucial executive roles. These include onboarding, hiring, human resource management, practices, policies and the like are upheld in the organisation.

The HR Officer Roles and Responsibilities

CHRO have a role that extends beyond simply managing people, something that is believed to be the primary role of HR managers. Their roles also include a level of strategy, particularly in talent acquisition and retention. CHROs guide the career paths of workers within their organisations through creating career development plans.

Their key role is to ensure that the entire workforce feels included within the systems of the company. This also includes addressing any issues that arise due to pay equality by making sure that compensation is structured and offers an incentive for those who want to progress through the company.

While looking at the internal issues of the company, these officers also need to have an understanding of what is happening externally. This is in relation to what is happening within their general industries, as well as with the competition. With this information, it makes it easier to identify talent, as well as have policies in place that address a global workforce.

The Job Requirements

The qualifications of the chief human resources officer include the following: –

  • Experience – This should cover various areas including planning, leadership, problem solving and general management. One must have gone through several stages of being an HR officer and fulfilling those responsibilities, before being considered for the CHRO position.
  • Education – A minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management, or relevant field is required. A Master’s degree in a relevant field would be preferred.
  • Knowledge – One needs to know how to use HR software for ease of management. In addition, the CHRO must be familiar with all the functions of an HR officer, including an understanding of labour legislation.

CHROs help the organisation manage their people, so that they can meet the business goals of the company. They are essential to leading companies into positive transformation and increasing productivity. This role also continues to increase in complexity, especially due to the developments in technology. These officers are elevating the culture within organisations, changing mindsets and creating new opportunities.