Developing a Social Media Recruiting Strategy

By hrlineup | 29.03.2022

Operating a successful business in the 21st century comes with a lot of opportunities and hurdles. One opportunity entrepreneurs overlook in HR is recruiting employees through social media blogs and other internet sites. The online streets are packed with talent. However, you need to know where to look and how to woo them without spending a fortune.

Below, we take you through the benefits of social media recruitment and show you how to create an effective social media recruiting strategy.

Why Consider Social Media?

Engage Passive Candidates

This might come as a shock but most of your potential hires aren’t actively looking for work. However, they are open to exploring new opportunities that come knocking.

Social media recruiting strategies allow you to pick the best candidate from a pool of passive, potential candidates who not only have the relevant skill but share in the company values.

Showcase Company Culture

Contrary to popular belief, having a perfect role, a lucrative salary and benefits are not enough to convince talented candidates; your company’s culture is important as well.

With this in mind, what better way to showcase your unique company culture than through social media? Interacting with candidates where they spend most of their time will improve your company’s reputation and visibility.

Sharing a fun behind-the-scenes video of the office can go a long way in winning their hearts.

Verifying Potential Candidate Information

You can always cross-check the information on resumes with what candidates have on their social media platforms. This will give you more insight on whether they are a perfect fit for your company given their interests, passions and stand on certain issues in the society.

Developing a social media recruitment marketing strategy will undoubtedly inform and improve the hires you make. Below is a quick overview of how to build a solid strategy.

Developing a Solid Social Media Recruiting Strategy

Choose the right platform

Social media platforms have different goals and use. Some are used to casually communicate with friends, and family while others are used for B2B networking and company blogging. As such, you must choose the right platform for your company’s industry and the job description.

For instance, while you can hire a freelance content manager through Facebook, you stand a better chance of landing a talented and professional individual hiring through LinkedIn.

Target Candidates

Finding the perfect candidate is difficult. You can have a great job post but if your target is wrong, it’ll flop. When marketing a position in your company, start with the end in mind. Envision the perfect candidates, and tailor your campaign for them.

Creating candidate avatars and focusing your recruitment efforts on them will discourage unfit candidates to apply and encourage your target audience to send resumes.

Create a Content Calendar

Think of this process like building a brand. It takes time and requires persistence. To capture the attention of the right candidate, develop recruitment content weeks in advance and automate the posting.

As you automate your content calendar, remember not to overdo it. If you do, candidates will think of you as spam and write you off.

Encourage interaction

Add call to actions on your posts to encourage engagement. Phrases like ‘Sign up today for a better tomorrow’ can nudge candidates to reach out.

If you looking for a digital nomad from a different country, translate your post to their language. For this, consider hiring a professional translator to help you save some time and money.

Set the rules

Social media recruiting is like conventional HR recruitment and as such requires strict documentation, formatting and resume rules. The rules will keep candidates on toes and ensure you get a professional fit. After all, you are a professional and will not settle for less.


Once you get the ball rolling, teach your audience to be on the lookout for more job openings by interacting with your page. Over time, your organic following will grow and you can even promote your products alongside job openings.