Effective Ways to Change Your Employees’ Behavior

By hrlineup | 09.01.2022

Behavior of employees at workplace is a very important element of success and productivity. The way employees conduct themselves in the workplace affects how they are paid in the organization, who is promoted and what the organization can recognize and reward. In the end, employee conduct affects the culture of the organization and the kinds of people the business will attract. For this reason, it is important for every organization to ensure that its employee’s behavior match with the needs of that organization. The kind of behavior needed here also includes basics of respect and honesty as well as behavior that are important in the success of the business, such as risk taking, problem solving and creativity.

Changing behavior in the workplace is possible if the business takes time to think about who it hires. An open vacancy in an organization will attract so many prospective employees.  The interview process is an important phase in the recruitment process that could help you select the right values and attitudes that you want to adopt in your organization. What many people have in them as values and attitudes are what determines their behavior in various aspects of living, including in workplaces. That is why it is important for an employer to only hire people with the values that align with those of the organization, as well as a good attitude.

Employee behavior in the workplace is also determined by what you communicate to your employees. There are many times that employers and managers do not get the exact behavior they are looking for in their employees. This could be because they do not communicate and emphasize on the kind of behavior they are expecting from their employees. Managers are always expecting their employees to read their minds and understand what their expectations are, but this will not help if you want to change the behavior of your employees. Employees need to be told what behavior is expected and what you want to see from them. This should be communicated as often as possible to ensure that they are getting it right all the time.

At times, you need to model the kind of behavior you want to see in your organization and have your employees take after you. Generally, an employee will follow the examples that you set and those set by others in the organization. If you want to give them cues about how they could behave, show them by doing exactly that. If you make a mistake, for instance, and you act responsibly, your employees are likely to take after you and everyone will be accountable for their mistakes, which promotes learning.

If you are just getting started on how to change behavior in the workplace, it is important to know that it may not be as easy as it seems. There are, however, practical steps one can take for an effective behavior change in the entire organization. This is the only way a business is going to enjoy the impact of organizational behavior on employees performance.