10 Best Task Management Software for 2024

By hrlineup | 21.06.2024

Project managers face challenges when planning, organizing, and prioritizing their tasks. They need to work swiftly and efficiently to meet deadlines, plus ensure that they use only allocated resources. As a business manager, you must equip yourself with the best task management tools to do your work efficiently and stay competitive.

With so many task management softwares in the market, you must carefully choose the best task management software for your business needs. Therefore, this article discusses the top ten task management softwares that will help manage your workflow and teams efficiently.

Top 10 Task Management Tools in 2024

1. ProofHub

ProofHub logo

ProofHub is one of the leading task management tools for teams used by companies globally. This software meets the needs of teams of different sizes, departments, and types, whether remote, in-house, or hybrid. ProofHub also allows you to manage your tasks by taking control of your workforce and assigning them duties while following up on their work progress efficiently.

Note that using ProofHub simplifies all your task management activities since it is easily accessible and easy to navigate. This makes it a viable option for startups or users with limited experience using task management software. 


2. ClickUp

ClickUp logo

ClickUp is another top-rated project management software used by renowned companies globally. This software helps you manage your tasks smoothly, ensuring you get the best outcome if you have multiple projects. Moreover, ClickUp can be used by anyone from any industry for its flexibility. So whether you are managing a small business or a large enterprise, rest assured of quality task management services using this software. 

ClickUp has more than 15 customizable ways to view your tasks and allows you to assign the same duty to more than one individual. It helps users promote teamwork in the workplace, thus reducing monitoring efforts. Furthermore, the tool allows integration with other work tools like Google, Slack, Zoom, Outlook, and Hubspot to ensure quality production. We recommend it to any user managing workers both on-premise and remotely.


  • Multiple assignees and comment area for easy allocation of tasks
  • Automated customizable tasks and time tracking 
  • Templates and Recurring Tasks 
  • Priorities and Reminder settings
  • Notifications for updates on continuing tasks

3. Chanty

Chanty logo

Chanty is also one of the best task management tools for teams with an instant chat model. With this tool, you can change messages in tasks and assign them to your workflow individually or as a team. It allows you to discuss the allocated job with the team members and devise a uniform solution.

This platform’s Kanban board provides users with an easy way to manage all tasks in a single location and clearly define who to handle the job. Moreover, you can integrate Chanty software will other external tools to improve your task management process.


  • In-built task management
  • Task discussion flow
  • Unlimited number of team participants
  • Individual and group audio and video calls
  • Unlimited search history

4. Todoist

Todoist logo

If you are looking for flexibility and streamlined communication while managing employee tasks, Todoist is a viable option. The task management tool is suitable for both individuals and teams, depending on your task management needs. Moreover, Todoist provides a to-do list with a simple interface to manage your tasks and projects. Plus, it offers quick access to adding jobs and assigning them to team players.

The best element about this task management tool for HR professionals is that it allows you to access all the information regarding the project or task on a single dashboard. It also keeps a record of all the assignments completed, tracking your business productivity, and quick notifications about all the task activities.


  • Task Delegation
  • Quick Notifications
  • Task Prioritization and Organization
  • Automatic Backups
  • Available Mobile Apps

5. Trello


Trello prides itself on being efficient when it comes to offering a user-friendly dashboard that gives users a worthwhile experience. It has some of the amazing features that will not only streamline task management but also boost employee morale and maximize productivity. For instance, Trello enables users to meet their project deadlines from the comfort of their homes. With this feature, you can manage workers remotely and monitor their work progress using a desktop or mobile device. 

With its advanced kanban boards, lists, and cards, you can access all information regarding the tasks you assign to your team. Trello’s flexibility allows you to prioritize and organize your tasks and projects efficiently. Plus, you can create a custom workflow for every project and divide them into different tasks.


  • Dashboard customization options
  • Integration with third-party applications
  • Availability of Trello cards
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Onboarding support system

6. Monday.com

Monday.com logo

Monday.com is a remote work software with task management capabilities widely used by project managers. This tool provides a simple, visually attractive layout that helps clearly define the task sequence. You can engage your team in the task management process by uploading and attaching files, tagging your team members, and allocating deadlines for each task.

Note that Monday.com promotes transparency and accountability, coming up with reporting and precise analytics. Besides task management, it also streamlines other HR functions to increase performance and productivity


  • Time tracking abilities
  • Customizable templates
  • Automation
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Integration with other softwares

7. Infinity

Infinity logo

Infinity is also one of the best remote project management tools that meet the needs of various managers from different industries. It is a customizable task management software with an attractive interface. With an advanced structure, automation features, and great versatility, this tool enables you to organize your tasks, communicate with team members, and solve any arising issues without putting in more effort or resources.

One unique feature of infinity is that it offers a well-organised dashboard where you can create your own folders to store your data. With over 50 customizable templates, task management has been simplified, whether managing workers on-premise or remotely. 


  • Many customizable templates
  • Automation for faster operations
  • Integrations with other tools 
  • Reliable desktop and mobile app
  • A variety of attributes like labels, dates, formulas, and many more

8. Quire

Quire logo

Quire is a remote work software with task management that breaks down all the tasks into segments giving you an easy time handling each. The tool organizes and prioritizes these tasks for you to follow up on them and get detailed information. It also allows you to easily interact with your team members getting updates on every step of task development.

Quire assists both small businesses and large enterprises with huge teams. Its pricing plan varies depending on the size of your organization and needs. For instance, there is a free version for teams getting started with the software. So, contact the provider for the best plan. 


  • Automated workflow
  • Integrated kanban boards
  • Mobile-friendly apps
  • Reports and analytics
  • Recurring tasks 
  • Automated calendar

9. Basecamp

Basecamp logo

Basecamp Is another highly rated best task management tool for teams managing different projects simultaneously. This tool assists in organizing teams for better productivity, helps users manage their tasks easily, and stay in constant communication with their team members. 

Like the above listed tools, Basecamp is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. Its one-page dashboard encourages users to remain organized and store all data in an easily accessible place. You can add your teams to maximize collaboration and improve communication. As a result every team member will be on board with any new developments, thus boosting trust, performance, and productivity. 


  • Automated Check-ins
  • Simple task management
  • Real-time communication
  • Project tracking

10. Wrike

Wrike falls under task management tools for individuals and teams, for it serves individual and group needs. The tool allows you to prioritize and organize your tasks to meet your deadlines, and its tools automate all your workflow and enhance collaboration between you and your team members. Wrike is suitable for managing a variety of projects at the same time, plus generating real-time project reports.

Wrike’s automated features eliminate manual tasks, thus saving time to focus on other essential business matters. Its kanban boards allow users to instantly monitor project progress and create customized workflows. Most importantly, you can integrate Wrike with over 400 HR automated apps to boost communication and improve performance. 


  • Progress tracking tools
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Customizable templates
  • Interactive Gantt charts


As a project manager, you must ensure your team performs well and boost the company’s production. With the above list of the best task management tools, you can choose your software and complete your tasks with minimal time and pressure. However, keep in mind that these referenced task management software above have varying features. Therefore, ensure you compare and test them via their free versions to select the best for your business needs.