Networking for Employers while Looking to Hire – How HR should do Networking in order to find Candidates.

By hrlineup | 13.02.2020

Each year, there are networking events that take place for recruiters. These are essential for recruiters looking for the best solution on how to source candidates. At these events, it is possible for potential candidates to have one on one interactions with potential employers. This makes it possible for recruitment to take place on the spot, and for several stages in the recruitment process to be eliminated. The task for the HR is how they can find the candidates that they are looking for while at these networking events. The HR needs to have a detailed checklist, to ensure that they have the following areas covered: –

  1. Clear Needs Outlined

Each job title that is looking to be filled needs to have some clear needs that have been outlined. Candidates that do not meet these needs will not be considered for the position. These needs include the qualifications for the position, as well as the preferred skills of the candidate. These needs can then be determined following a brief conversation with the potential candidate. The conversation becomes particularly important as there are some things that can only be determined by face to face interaction, rather than through reading documents provided.

  1. Establish Knowledge of the Organisation

It is often easier to recruit people who have some idea of what the recruiting organisation does. At networking events, it is possible to ask direct questions and immediately determine whether the candidate has the preferred knowledge or not. Through this socialisation, one can also evaluate other factors including body language, eagerness to discover or learn, as well as ability to communicate clearly.

  1. Leverage of the Professional Network

In the event that an HR networking get together has been planned, the people invited are often on the existing network of the potential employer. This network could also include people who had once applied for jobs but had not been given the position for whatever reason. Often, these networks are developed through a social screening process that captures essential information on each individual. The networking event allows for interaction in a more relaxed environment and can help narrow down a large pool of potential candidates to the key ones most suited for the position.

  1. Build Relationships

Networking events are key for building relationships, even if the HR manager is not looking to hire immediately. When one has a relationship with a potential candidate, it makes recruitment easier when the time is right. Through these relationships, it is also possible to get some suggestions on how to improve the business, and what can be done to retain the interest of the candidates. There are some people who may need to serve notice before they leave one organisation to join the next, and these events make it possible to understand these issues.

  1. Publicity

Before an HR manager attends or participates in a networking opportunity or event, they should do what is necessary to create some publicity. This means that they let the candidates know where to find them, what they should bring and the expectations. Although this is not something that is done on the day, it can still feature on the checklist, particularly looking to discover how the candidate found out about the networking opportunity. Getting publicity helps to add credibility, as well as to maximise on the requirements that the HR is looking for. It also offers a chance for the HR manager to share some important content on the organisation, the mission that is to be fulfilled and the overall goals that the company is aiming for.

There are numerous avenues for networking, including networking events or even getting in touch with old and satisfied clients from previous networks. For success, and also to enable companies to fill positions with urgency, they should all develop a Human Resources Social Network. This enables them to reach out to teams when necessary and also ensures that they can easily add on and track potential employees. Finding candidates should not be done once in a while, it should be a continuous process. This will help one achieve success.