20 Best Virtual Team Building Activities in 2022

By Colin Gordon | 10.11.2021

Managing employees is a daunting task, especially if they are working remotely. As an employer, you need to ensure they are motivated by effectively communicating and boosting their performances to achieve organizational objectives. By engaging in virtual team-building activities in 2022, you will connect and bond with your workers. As a result, they will trust you hence give their all in their work performances

What is Virtual Team Building

Virtual team building is the activities you and your remote workers engage in through an online platform. It is like an online meeting but with the objective to engage in activities or attend events that will boost unity. Virtual team building activities are essential in companies with virtual workers since it encourages teamwork, helps in creating a collaborative work environment, and promotes employees’ confidence and performance.  

Remote team-building activities don’t need to be formal since they involve games or other activities that may encourage workers’ interactions. This article outlines the 20 best team-building activities for conference calls to help you and workers bond hence promoting employee engagement. 

Benefits of Virtual Team Building

Most virtual workers used to work on-premise before various circumstances led them to work remotely. As a result, they may feel unsupported and disconnected from you and their fellow employees. With virtual team-building activities, your workers will feel cared for and comfortable. Other benefits of virtual team building include:

  • These activities promote trust, which makes employees feel empowered and motivated to share any issues or ideas knowing that there is someone reliable listening.
  • Virtual team building promotes bonding and excellent relationships among workers. As a result, it will be easier for them to collaborate with a common goal — getting the best results to promote growth.
  • Virtual activities promote a robust company culture, which will help improve communication.

20 Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

Below are the team-building activities to try in 2022. This can range from games to structured programs for as long as every member participates.

1. Virtual Icebreakers

Virtual team icebreakers are one way to get your employees together and familiarize themselves. In this activity, you want your employee to open up and feel free to say what’s on their mind without them having a feeling of being judged. You can achieve this by opening up a virtual break room where they can log in and meet during their leisure period.

2. Organize Virtual Games

Come up with games that are strictly fun with no potential for embarrassments since you want even the shy employees to partake in the activity. You can find various games online, whether short-term games that you can include in conference calls or long-term games that can help in team building.

3. Conduct Virtual Tours of their Workstations

Whether your employees are working from home or have rented an office elsewhere, encourage them to take a short video of their place of work. With this activity, it will be easier for you to point out the kind of workers you are dealing with. Also, having them identify their favorite items in their workstation encourages team members to familiarize themselves with each other and bond over mutual interests.

4. Host Virtual Events

Like hosting company events and meetings physically, you should also do so virtually. This encourages every member of the organization to attend hence have time to know each other. Conduct the meeting the same way you would a physical one. Have an agenda, identify speakers, and give room for questions. You will see that your employees will feel proud to be part of your organization hence boosting loyalty.

5. Create a Group Chat for Good News Conversations

Working virtually is not easy and can sometimes make your workers feel bored. For instance, if you have virtual meetings that take place every month, your employees may feel lonely before a meeting takes place. Therefore, have a chat group where they can share their small wins like having a new baby or a marriage proposal news. It can be the beginning of a good conversation that lets them bond.

6. Encourage Recognition

It is always best to recognize your workers’ efforts and reward them accordingly. You can also encourage recognition among team members. This helps them to bond and appreciate one regardless of their location. 

7. Have Skills Sharing Sessions

Every employee excels in a particular category, and you need to encourage your remote workers to share their skills. Not only does this help them learn from each other, but they will also be able to appreciate one another hence boosting team collaboration.

8. Have Comedy Sessions

It is always encouraging to relieve any stress you may have to fully focus on your activities. This is the same with employees, especially those working remotely. You do not know how their day was, and by hiring a comedian for entertainment, you may help most of them deal with their issues hence get back on track. 

9. Organize Fun Activities

A little bit of fun won’t hurt, and it makes your employees feel comfortable and wanted. So, organize fun activities once in a while that allows most employees, if not all, to participate. For instance, you can set up a karaoke session or talent showcase to help your workers bond with each other.

10. Organize Virtual Workshops or Classes

Virtual workshops and classes are some of the ways to encourage employees’ career development. Help them sign up for short courses that help build their skills and experience. As a result, you will have a dedicated team to help you achieve your business objectives.

11. Encourage Virtual Collaboration

You can easily make your employees feel like they are working with each other in an office. To do so, create a video group where they sign in every morning once they get to their workstations. By seeing each other virtually, it encourages them to work harder. It will also be easier to ask questions and get the correct answers fast. 

12. Organize Remote Workouts

Working from home can limit your employees in many ways, and one of them is not being able to stay active like the ones working on-premise. In this regard, encourage them to participate in online workout sessions. Not only does it strengthen their bond, but it encourages others who need an extra push to work out. 

13. Plan Cooking Activities

Employees working from home should showcase their cooking styles. As a result, they can learn as they get to know each other. Encourage this by creating a cooking group or slack channel to encourage commitment.

14. Personality Tests

Personality tests are essential activities to boost employee collaboration. This is because it is not easy for them to know each other virtually, and you will also have the opportunity to understand what makes a particular employee unique. 

15. Encourage Outdoor Challenges

Having your workers participate in outdoor challenges is a great way to let them bond with each other. For instance, you can have them identify a space outside their homes or work station and clean them. Then, let them share what they did with one another and their views regarding the activity.

16. Host Meditation Sessions

Mental health is always important since it makes you feel rejuvenated and ready to conquer the day. So, organize a meditation session for your employees and make sure you also take part in it. It is an excellent way of bonding as an organization hence boosting trust and employee engagement. 

17. Plan Lunch or Dinner Meetings

Your employees may be working virtually, but this doesn’t mean you cannot surprise them with lunch or dinner. By organizing a lunch session, you can easily bond while enjoying a meal together. It also leaves them with something to talk about later on in other social groups. 

18. Bring the Friday Feeling to the Workplace

Who doesn’t like Fridays? It is the start of a weekend, and employees are usually in the mood for a break and maybe a cold beer. So, why don’t you enjoy your Fridays together and let it be an opportunity to familiarise yourselves with each other?

19. Give them Something to Talk About

A day at work can be long and lonely for your employees, especially if they have nothing to talk about. In this regard, encourage them to at least share a picture via a social group. You will then identify one that will keep employees talking during the day. They will also complement each others’ activities and promote collaboration.

20. Organize a Party

It is best to celebrate yearly achievements even if your workers are not physically present. Let them know what the business has been able to achieve and appreciate their efforts. You can include a dance session or hire a musician to showcase their moves. If possible, send them rewards or bonuses to buy drinks and snacks to enjoy during the party.


Remote working is becoming popular, and it is important to keep your employees engaged and happy if you want to achieve your business goals. Assuming that they are ok wherever they may be will only affect your business or increase turnover rates. Therefore, show them that you value and appreciate them by incorporating the above activities. As a result, not only will they trust you and stay loyal, but they will also be your brand ambassadors.