Employee Turnover and Retention Trends for 2022

By Colin Gordon | 05.01.2022

Many employers are more concerned about implementing organizational strategies and achieving their objectives. However, what they fail to understand is that it is their employees who play a crucial role in their businesses’ successes. For this reason, you need to put in more effort to ensure your workers feel needed and appreciated or else, you will lose the best ones to your competitors. What’s worse is that employees also know that they have an increased chance of finding similar jobs if they get fired or decide to quit. In this regard, we have prepared this article to take you through the 2022 employee turnover and retention trends. As a result, you will be able to comfortably manage your workers and reduce employee turnover.

1. Offer Career Advancement Opportunities

When searching for a new candidate to hire, you always look for ambitious individuals who are willing to learn new skills. So, have you ever wondered why your workers are still stagnant? Well, you might be the problem. You need to create the best environment for your workforce that promotes productivity and growth. 

You can start by offering training and development sessions to ensure their talent keeps on progressing. You will see that your workers will be appreciative in return and put in more efforts to ensure your business achieves its set goals. More importantly, this employee turnover trend boosts employee retention.

2. Check in With Your Workers

It is important that you stay close with your employees and always check in with them to understand if they are comfortable. You should start by being a good listener and welcome all of their concerns and critics without involving your emotions. 

You see, most employers believe that creating a conducive work environment is an excellent employee retention strategy. While this is true, it just isn’t enough and some workers may still feel uncomfortable and unsatisfied. So, always ask them how they feel about their current jobs and ambitions. If they tell you that they want to leave your company, try to find out the reasons why and convince them to stay if possible. 

We understand that some of the reasons for employee turnover can be unpleasant, but it’s better knowing earlier and making the necessary changes than waiting for your organizational performance to reduce before making a move.

3. Encourage Healthy Work-Life Balance

While we encourage employees to put in more effort in their daily duties, working too hard is not healthy and will only leave your workers more frustrated and exhausted. Your main goal should be to have a more fulfilled workforce inside and outside the workplace. Some of the things you can do to create a healthy work-life balance, thus retaining talent, include:

  • Offer flexible working hours so that they have time to also engage in personal activities like hitting the gym, picking their kids from school, going to dinner with their family, etc.
  • With the advancing technology, many employers are resorting to having their workers work remotely from home, either full-time or part-time. This helps them plan their work and life commitments, thus reducing commuting and overhead costs. It’s a win-win for everyone. 
  • Offer paid holidays so that your workers continue feeling comfortable and financially safe even when on leave or vacation. You will see that your workers will be happier and willing to go above and beyond to pay you back.

4. Set Employee Recognition Programs

One of the things that most employers do not know is that employees only want recognition for their achievements. You do not have to spend money rewarding them but just appreciate what they do. You can do so by giving shout outs, offering career development opportunities, throwing a party, taking them to lunch, or simply saying thank you. Remember, appreciation needs to be sincere and from the heart. So be open and give your workers equal opportunities and praise them for a more dedicated and happy workforce.

5. Offer Competitive Employee Benefits

Lack of competitive employee benefits is one of the employee turnover trends that should never be overlooked. You see, when workers are applying for various job positions, benefits are among the reasons they want to work for you. So, if you do not provide benefits and rewards that will meet your workers’ needs, expect an increased employee turnover rate. Take your time to conduct research and figure out what your competitors pay their workers and ensure you develop better compensation and employee benefits that will attract and retain top talent. 


Employee turnover and retention can be easily managed by following the above trends for 2022. You can also include online-based tools or software to easily implement your employee retention strategy and drive engagement. You see, the past years’ retention and turnover challenges have been an eye-opener for many employers, and they are willing to move into 2022 with new employee retention trends that will contribute to achieving organizational objectives.