What are Pre-Employment Assessments?

By hrlineup | 25.03.2022

Having the right team at the helm of a business is a key driver to achieve success. In the past, the hiring process involved a considerable number of interviews and meetings before finding the right candidate. After this, it was almost a trial and error process to ensure that the hired individual has the right character traits and ability to get the job done. This entire process has been better managed with the use of technology, and pre employment assessment.

What are pre-employment assessment test?

Pre-employment assessments are tests that are carried out during the screening process when hiring new staff. They cover a wide scope of areas when it comes to identifying key staff attributes. These include understanding the practical skills an individual has, as well as their mental understanding to determine if they are an ideal cultural fit.

Using pre-employment testing, it becomes much easer to optimize on the talent of individuals hired. Over time, pre-employment testing has become a standard for recruitment managers seeking to fill positions. It is worth noting that these tests do not offer magical results when seeking candidates. Instead, the information from the tests can be applied as a prerequisite to face to face interviews when seeking the right person.

Choosing Pre-Employment Assessment Tools

There are several pre-hire assessments that a recruiting officer can make use of. These are mainly in the form of exams online. A range of applications offer different types of tests including the following: –

  • Soft Skills assessments looks at any skills that are not technical which are required to perform the job. Some of the skills that are tested for include being able to find solutions a well as communication.
  • Hard skills assessments can determine whether a person has the qualities that are needed to fill a position. For example, a computer programmer needs to have
  • Personality quizzes are designed to identify different personality traits so that an employer can understand one’s character. They are also able to tell wither someone is assertive, introverted, extroverted or more.
  • Job Knowledge Tests where employers test to see how much knowledge of the job an applicant has.
  • Situational Judgement tests are used to determine how someone can handle a situation within the workplace. This could involve determining how they prioritize their work, and even their ability to follow instructions.
  • Culture fit assessments are created to see whether a candidate can adequately fit into the organizational culture. This requires an assessment of the values that the applicant has as well as what they prefer within the workplace.

Companies and recruiters that are determined to be more efficient will make sure that they get the right people to become a part of the team. With high competition and many applications for different positions, these assessments make sure that the process is faster. One must make sure that they administer these tests in the right way, and that they are properly evaluated. That will guarantee brilliant results.