On-the-job Training: Expectations VS Reality

By hrlineup | 28.03.2022

On-the-job Training, popularly known as OJT is a way of teaching competencies, knowledge, and skills to employees that are needed to perform on their specific jobs within the workplace. OJT aims at teaching employees in an environment where they will be putting into practice all the learned skills and competencies. It also makes use of the existing machines, workplace tools, knowledge and equipment to impart new skills that employees can use to effectively perform in their jobs. Even with all the importance of on the job training, it has several myths that do not really match with the reality it presents:

On the job training is expensive

A lot of companies will not engage in on-the-job training because they feel that it is too way expensive for them. While this could have some truth in it, OJT is not something that a business, however small it is, cannot afford. You only need to treat it as an investment, just like other trainings you budget for the business. Note that this is an investment that will help an employer retain most of his employees, thus, it is a worthy investment. Besides, it utilizes skills, equipment, space and tools that are already available, which means that only a little investment is needed to make it a reality.

OJT is time consuming

This is another excuse that businesses that do not really know what is on the job training and what its benefits are make so as to avoid implementing it. It is true that preparing or OJT and its implementation takes time. However, all the time you spend on the training is time well spent. If you focus mainly on the benefits of on the job training, you will realize that it takes a much shorter time for an employee to finish a task if they are well-trained. In the end, OJT will significantly save your business’ time. Besides, OJT strengthens the relationship between employees and their managers. Such a good relationship is what keeps them engaged and motivated, all for the benefit of the business.

Job skills training is not important if you already have the right skills

One of the things that employers focus on so much when hiring is the right skill-set. For many businesses, that ends there, and the business will not see the need to train its employees again on skills they supposedly have. The reality is that you can never get the exact skills you need for your business through hiring. Some skills have to be developed after hiring if you want to have everything you need for the success of your business.

On-the-job training is a very beneficial exercise in every business, whether small or large. Through OJT, a business is sure to have all the skills and knowledge its business needs to compete well in the business market. Again, OJT ensures that employee productivity is good even with minimal supervision. For these and many other reasons, forget the myths and invest in the kind of training that has great benefits.