6 Ways to Attract and Retain Top Talent

By hrlineup | 09.03.2022

In an ever-changing employment world, it’s vital for HR professionals to device effective recruitment strategies to recruit and retain talent. Today, most employees prefer organizations with competitive pay, sound cultures, and advancement opportunities. Therefore, giving employees what they need can be the missing link between attracting and retaining top talent.

So, without much dilly-dallying, let’s dive in and discuss some six top tips to help organizations attract and retain talent.

What Drives Employees

When it’s about attracting and retaining unique talent, employers have to understand what job seekers want from them.

Below are some of the qualities employees look for in a company:

  • Respect
  • Company values and vision
  • Opportunities to learn and grow
  • Security and stability
  • Well-defined responsibilities

Ways of Attracting and Retaining Talent in Organization

1. Simplify the Hiring Process

There’s no secret that most companies are still stuck with slow hiring processes. This can be a considerable deterrent to top candidates who are mostly not short of options. While waiting for feedback, potential top talent might get anxious and consider other offers. Therefore, the longer your hiring process, the more likely that you’ll lose top talent to your competitors.

2. Develop a Clear Mission and Culture

Serious candidates do extensive research about their potential employers before applying. That said, your company should have clearly defined values and culture. You can showcase this within the organization’s website, social media, or even in the job description.

3. Offer Wellness Programs

To help alleviate the pressures of work from employees, offer wellness programs to manage stress. For example, you can provide medical covers or in-chair massages to help relieve work tension. Overall, you should take your employees’ health seriously, which can turn out to be another effective attract talent strategy.

4. Grow an Internal Team

In case of any promotions, you should always look at the available internal options before thinking outside. Employees usually want to feel appreciated with rewards that lead to new career paths. By doing this, you will be demonstrating to potential talents that your company supports career development and progression.

5. Flexibility

Of all the attracting employees strategies on this list, offering a flexible work schedule is arguably the most effective. Your package can include a few work-from-home days or give new parents paid time offs to help them transition into parenthood smoothly.

6. Use Niche-based Job Boards

Lastly, consider using job boards if you want to reach out to qualified candidates. For instance, if you’re working in the healthcare industry, job boards will help you recruit the right candidates with the zeal to work in an organization like yours.


These are the best tips on how to retain talented employees easily. Please make no mistake, however, because it’s not an easy task. So, it’s important to continue innovating your workplace and culture, with employees playing a central role.