10 Best Cloud HR Software Systems in 2023

By hrlineup | 20.01.2023

Hiring suitable candidates and managing the workforce is among the most challenging tasks in any business since employees’ competency levels determine your business’s productivity. Employers are doing their best to remain competitive with the high demand for a qualified workforce.

However, there are excellent tools that you can use to streamline the hiring process and ensure you get the right employees. Below, we discuss cloud HR software as a recruitment tool and provide a list of the best cloud HR software for HR teams in 2023. We understand that there are plenty of options out there. So, compare our listed tools below and select the most suitable for your business hiring needs. 

What are Cloud-Based HR Systems?

Cloud-based HR software solutions are systems that operate remotely, unifying data and information in a centralised location to streamline HR management processes. The cloud-based solution allows HR managers and recruiters to make insightful decisions, track employee performance, and empower employees with self-service materials. So, why should you use a cloud HR platform? Let’s look at its importance.

10 Best Cloud HR Software Systems in 2023

1. BambooHR

Bamboo HR

BambooHR is a cloud HRIS software that offers recruiters a centralised data source and storage. With all your data integrated at one point, you will have an easy time keeping your employees’ information updated and quickly generating reports. This platform is also the best cloud HR software for digital onboarding, with other features of applicant tracking systems and performance management solutions.

BambooHR is also a cloud HR software for compliance, especially with the state and federal tax laws. It offers employees the power to access and keep their HR files updated by uploading relevant documents. Other features include access to the employee directory, complete payroll processing, and a scheduling scheme for all the company’s events.

2. monday.com

monday.com logo

Monday.com is an HR software companies can use as an employee management system and other HR processes like leave filing, attendance tracking, and feedback tracking. Being a cloud-based onboarding software, monday.com offers a great candidate and employee experience making them easy to adjust to the company’s culture.

In addition, working with this cloud HRIS enables you to actively engage candidates and current employees in their platforms. It centralises all the information to allow you to make the right decision in different contexts involving your business.

3. Manatal

Manatal logo

Manatal is the best-known cloud-based solution that uses artificial intelligence technology to enhance recruitment. It provides features for applicant tracking, sourcing candidates, analytics and report filing. As a result, it offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to leverage the tools easily.

The AI-driven solution streamlines all the stages in the entire hiring process, giving you an upper hand in acquiring the best talent. It allows users to create a career page to access applicants and actively engage them in recruitment. Moreover, it accesses different social media sites where you can source more information regarding your candidates.

4. HR Cloud

HR cloud logo

HR Cloud is the best cloud HR software for digital onboarding and offboarding processes. Other features entail employee engagement, applicant tracking, and performance management. Its onboarding process is digitalised and automated with customisable forms to enable your new employees to adjust quickly to the company environment.

Your new employees are allowed access to their profile pages to start experiencing the nature of the workforce. This cloud-based process also applies in the offboarding stage, providing a digitalised exit assessment. Additionally, this cloud HRIS for automation integrates with other solutions like Glassdoor, Greenhouse, Indeed, Microsoft Office and many others to make the HR processes flexible.

5. OnPay

OnPay logo

OnPay is one of the best HRIS systems for midsize companies offering payroll and HR management processes in one solution. It is a mobile-friendly cloud-based HRIS, making it easily accessible and flexible for all users. This solution allows you to manage payroll data such as reimbursements and bonuses.

OnPay offers custom remote workflow and templated documents to make the work of HRs easy, plus tracking and managing tasks. Moreover, you can easily integrate employees’ benefits and insurance into their payroll. Due to the management of payroll processes, OnPay is also a good cloud HR software for compliance.

6. Oyster

Oyster logo

Do you want a cloud HRIS for automation that supports international recruiting and payroll management? Oyster got you covered, for its system is used to access talent in more than 180 countries worldwide. It is also well equipped with international payroll management capabilities, making it a cloud HR software for compliance in different territories.

The solution allows you to hire contractors in all these countries and determine if the position requires an employee or contractor. With an in-built tax calculator, employers can determine how much it would cost them to hire foreign talent. Additionally, if you are new to international hiring, Oyster Academy provides you with information and necessary training to get you going.

7. Hibob

Hibob logo

Employees sometimes misbehave, believing they would get away with it, but Hibob comes to the rescue. This cloud HR software allows employees to report any misconduct to HR to take measures. Therefore, the solution is more employee-focused, offering them a people directory where they get to interact with one another.

Regarding HR workflows, the system automates all the processes making it efficient. It offers time management solutions so you can track employees’ work hours to improve the workflow. Moreover, you can customise the onboarding process according to the candidates’ profiles, not forgetting to determine how well your firm performs using the Hibob analytics tool.

8. Greenhouse

Greenhouse logo

Greenhouse solution allows you to source the best talent and onboarding. It provides insight into the candidates’ details so that you can make sound decisions. The solution supports diversity and inclusion hiring, so you will not have issues of biases during the process.

The selection of candidates focuses on their credibility and performance, giving a fair ground for competition to all the applicants. Again, this cloud HRIS foster communication between the employer and the recruiters to fill in every stakeholder in the hiring process. Being mobile-friendly also facilitates excellent communication and quick feedback, giving room for a good hiring experience.

9. Rippling 

Rippling logo

Rippling is one of the best HR software used by companies to manage HR processes and information technology needs. The essential HR functions include onboarding, promotions, and connecting the workforce to the company development is also easy enhancing development. Rippling is also a cloud HR software for compliance in that it automatically updates your compliance data forms, laws, and regulations. It is one of the best HR software systems for managing employees remotely, regardless of their jurisdiction. 

10. Deel

Deel logo

Deel is a cloud-based HRIS for automation that manages employee data and runs payroll, ensuring compliance. The solution also facilitates international recruitment and onboarding in more than 150 countries. This software is compatible with businesses of all sizes, allowing employees to manage their details.

Deel integrates with third-party applicant tracking systems to streamline HR workflows. With the tool, you can directly import candidates’ details into the system and initiate the onboarding process.

Benefits of Using Cloud HR Software

  • It enhances the recruitment process by automating the menial tasks. The cloud HRIS for automation allows recruiters to track applicants and carry out complex data analytics.
  • The cloud HRIS provides candidates with an excellent recruitment experience through the automated stages. This solution also saves time and cost spent by both recruiters and the candidates.
  • It helps market your employer’s brand because by implementing the system, you will stand out from competitors who have not adopted it and attract more candidates.
  • Cloud HR software solutions help firms to keep up with compliance through automatic software updates. The system updates regulations, and you won’t need to spend much finding experts to update the system or break the compliance policy.
  • The system offers reliable data security by controlling user accessibility and securing all data.


The four crucial components of robust cloud HR software are a user-friendly interface, usable functionality, integrations, and value for money. With so many cloud HRIS software developed, consider the ones above since they are the best, after considering all of the above elements and your company’s needs.