Top 10 Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) for 2023

By hrlineup | 21.11.2022

Managing a business, whether small, medium-sized, or large, can be challenging since you require the best resources to achieve its goals. You also need dedicated and motivated employees willing to go above and beyond to successfully complete assigned tasks. Unfortunately, most small or startup companies cannot meet their goals due to lack of in-house Human Resource teams that contribute to highly ineffective employee management and creating solid plans.

The good news is that you can outsource your HR functions from credible Professional Employer Organizations (PEO). With a PEO, you are guaranteed access to financial and HR expertise, including creating employee benefits plans, payroll management, and employee onboarding. As a result, you get to save money and time, thus fully concentrating on other matters contributing to your company’s growth. 

Keep in mind that there are numerous PEO providers offering various services and benefits. For this reason, it is crucial to choose one based on your business needs. You can consider a PEO’s price, benefits options, quality of service, an online self-service portal, performance, certifications, etc. Since the research procedures involved in finding the best company offering PEO services is lengthy, we did all the legwork, and below are our top 10 recommendations for 2023. 

Top 10 PEO Companies in 2023:

1. Resourcing Edge

Resourcing edge logo

We include Resourcing Edge in our list of professional employer organizations because of its ability to provide professional services to businesses since 2003. The best element about this PEO is that it takes time to fully understand what its clients want so they can design a package suitable for their needs. Moreover, Resourcing Edge integrates with the latest technologies, making it easier for you to manage all business functions and easily achieve its goals. 

Note that Resourcing Edge offers long-term strategies to businesses, thus helping them reduce costs and risks. This is because it is backed up by professionals in every department to ensure you are equipped with the right information and guidance. You can rely on it for a wide selection of HR management services, so contact the provider for pricing to get started.

2. Deel

Deel logo

Deel is another professional employer organization example that not only helps with local hiring but also internationally. With Deel, there is no need for you to establish a new entity in another country since it handles all payroll, compliance, and HR tasks in over 150 countries globally. With its international presence, Deel is one of the trusted PEO services companies globally, and you should also consider trying it out to improve your business performance in 2023. 

To ensure you save on hiring costs, Deel offers a calculator to help you compare and determine the cost of an international worker. With the company, it’s easier to come up with the required benefits and withholdings of an international worker while staying compliant with the country’s local employment laws. You can also integrate it with other tools to streamline other business operations, whether on-premise or remotely. 

3. Oyster HR

Oyster logo

Oyster HR is a global PEO company that allows you to hire compliantly without the need for establishing a local entity. It helps businesses in over 180 countries access global expertise to improve their business performance and maximize employee experience. Oyster HR is trusted by small, medium-sized, and large teams and continues to gain excellent testimonials for being an ideal partner for building a thriving global workforce. 

Oyster HR can also be used for onboarding processes, whether on-premise or remotely. Payroll is streamlined since you get to manage the process anywhere using over 120 currencies. With Oyster HR’s team of HR and legal professionals, hiring and employee management have been made easier for businesses with limited resources. 

4. Invo PEO

Invo peo logo

Looking for the best PEO services company that supports your business in critical HR areas? Well, Invo PEO is a considerable choice. The company is best known for serving startups and medium-sized businesses by analysing every business needs before recommending the best solutions that fit your budget. With a wide range of solutions to choose from, rest assured of smooth business growth and low turnover rates. 

Note that Invo PEO serves all clients across various industries. Its cloud-based HR system operates 24/7 and is user-friendly. This makes it easier for users to edit and update employee information while managing payroll. The PEO service provider also features online file storage specifically tailored for large enterprises. 

5. Multiplier

Multiplier logo

Multiplier is one of the most highly efficient professional employer organizations (PEO), trusted by various large and small organizations globally. You can use it to manage full-time workers and independent contractors, whether they are working on-premise or remotely. With the software, rest assured of quality support from payroll and benefits administration to timesheet management and expense reporting. Simply put, using Multiplier helps you quickly expand to global regions and explore new markets without spending a lot of money. 

Besides assisting with global expansion and hiring, Multiplier has a team of legal experts to ensure you remain compliant with local laws. Its support service is highly rated, so rest assured of professional assistance in case you experience any challenges.

6. Paychex


Paychex is one of the best PEO for startups that continues to help thousands of businesses manage their employees and achieve set goals. It is one of the pioneer companies founded in the 1970s and continues to make payroll affordable and easy to manage for small businesses globally. With Paychex, rest assured of comprehensive HR outsourcing services throughout your employees’ lifecycle. Its dedicated professionals ensure they understand your business needs before implementing the best solutions. 

Simply put, Paychex has a user-friendly and customizable system and a variety of price plans to suit your budget. The best element about it is that Paychex serves all 50 states in the US. You simply have to ensure it is suitable for your business needs to get started. 

7. CloudPay

Cloudpay logo

CloudPay is another popular professional employer organization example offering HR and payroll solutions to various businesses globally. The service p[rovider helps you remain compliant with local laws and features automated elements that eliminate manual tasks to save time and money. For instance, CloudPay allows employees to withdraw their already-earned wages before payday using their mobile devices via the provider’s app. 

Additionally, CloudPay features reporting and analytics, making it easier for you to analyze payroll in various countries to come up with the best payment schedule for your workers. Unfortunately, this PEO doesn’t display its price plans, so contact the provider for this information to see if it fits your budget. 

8. Engage PEO

Engage peo logo

Engage PEO prides itself on improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of various business safety and HR functions. For instance, the company is backed up by professional legal teams to ensure you stay abreast with developing local laws and remain compliant with existing ones. The company serves small and medium-sized businesses in the US by offering tailored solutions to ensure you meet your specific business objectives. 

Note that Engage PEO is IRS and ESAC-certified, meaning that it is a trustworthy service provider. Besides payroll, compliance, and HR services, you can use it to also manage employee benefits and administration. The company helps you reduce burnout while identifying your strengths to improve business growth. 

9. Globalization Partners

GP logo

Globalization Partners helps you unlock the power of your global teams through a single dashboard. It is one of the top PEO companies with extensive coverage, allowing you to manage payroll using over 180 currencies. With it, you can easily make the best hiring and employment decisions contributing to your business growth. 

Working with Globalization Partners is easy and fun since it has a team of professionals to ensure you enjoy your experience. For instance, users only have to identify the types of candidates they plan on hiring and let the company handle other matters, including onboarding, HR, payroll, and employee benefits. As an employer, you get to track the PEO’s performance since you will have access to all your employees’ details from a single dashboard. 

10. Papaya Global

Papaya global logo

Papaya Global is one of the PEO companies that allows you to hire and manage your business anywhere globally without the need for setting up a local entity. The platform is fully automated and backed up with cutting-edge technology to maximize your experience. Simply put, Papaya Global helps you save time and money due to improved accuracy, speed, reporting, and security. You can use it to manage your workforce across more than 160 countries globally. 

Some of the services you get to benefit from Papaya Global include onboarding, payroll, compliance, and HRIS. Users can integrate it with third-party management tools to ensure smooth business operations. Regarding pricing, payroll services start at $20 per employee per month, contractor management and IC compliance start at $25 per employee per pay cycle, and EOR begins at $650 per employee per month. 


The above top PEO companies offer you all the HR support you need to effectively manage your business and achieve its goals. With them, you can easily identify your strengths and remain compliant with local laws regardless of your business location. Plus, outsourcing HR functions to PEO services companies gives you peace of mind since you have experts handling all your HR tasks. 

Just remember, always choose a PEO with features suitable for your business needs. Most importantly, check for accreditation from the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to ensure you receive the best services.

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