How to Create an LGBTQ Inclusive Workplace?

By hrlineup | 19.07.2022

Do you want an inclusive workplace that ensures workers are respected, safe, and appreciated? Well, you must integrate LGBT policy into your overall company program. Many employees belong to this group and will work their best if your company recognizes a culture of diversity and inclusion LGBTQ.

You must ensure that any regulations you create do not discriminate against employees based on their sexual orientation because employees may not publicly express their sexuality. Although easier said than done, your primary goal should be to inspire all employees to accomplish their workplace objectives. 

Below, we will look at the LGBT inclusion benefits and how to create an LGBTQ friendly workplace. 

Importance of LGBTQ Inclusive Workforce

The LGBTQ inclusive benefits apply to business productivity, where employees of all sexual orientations feel safe and welcomed in your company, making their work yield the best. Some of the pros of LGBT inclusion in workplace include;

  • It increases the attraction of other diverse talents. Other candidates want to work with you when you have comprehensive inclusion policies for LGBTQ+ employees.
  • It reduces turnover rates and promotes high employee retention. Your organization will be one of a kind where no worker would wish to leave for another if you embrace people with different sexual orientations.
  • There is an increase in revenue growth because workers won’t need to take time off due to fear that their sexuality is unwelcome in the company. Furthermore, issues like depression and stress are unlikely to be experienced if your company’s LGBT policy is efficient.
  • Promotes workers’ ambition and self-drive to achieve the best for the company and also company goals.

How Employers Can Make Their Workplace LGBT Inclusive

Below are some tips from LGBT founders and advocates on how to build an inclusive workforce with empathy and encouragement to the LGBT workers.

Create a Strong LGBT Policy

Workplace policies are the foundation of every organization, so having an LGBT inclusive culture will help set clear guidelines on preventing discrimination in the organization. Additionally,  inclusion policies for LGBTQ employees should be specific regarding work transitioning to different positions, showing clear guidelines and roles.

Although policies are good, do we initiate them? It is always good to have a growth mindset, ambition and high commitment to achieve diversity and inclusion LGBTQ.

Support LGBTQ Movements at the Grassroot Level

You should promote your company as LGBTQ inclusive by realistic representation, not just by tokenism. Using tokenism will show the community that you support the LGBTQ group but don’t uphold their values. Moreover, this practice means you will welcome the LGBTQ employees into a toxic environment where they will not be comfortable enough to perform their best.

However, you can communicate issues on LGBTQ promotion on social media and your company’s stand, where you post job adverts. This technique will be an act of contributing and support to their movement, hence making it clear that your organization is an LGBTQ friendly workplace.

Use an Inclusive Language 

Your workplace language matters significantly, for it can build or break your business.  An inclusive language can make workers feel appreciated, protected and empowered. As a result, using inclusive terms helps create a more LGBTQ friendly workplace.

Many times, workers may use LGBTQ offensive terms without knowing that they are hurting some colleagues. Of course, sexual orientation is not something that one will go around announcing to everybody, so you should find ways of clarifying the languages and terms used in the organization. Additionally, you should normalize gender conversations and allow workers to use a pronoun of their choice without stigmatization.

Allow Employees to Choose Their Label

People have different perspectives on gender labels, some finding them empowering while others see them as oppressive. Gender labels such as gay, bi-sexual etc., should be welcomed by everyone in the organization since what matters is the workers’ responsibility and not sexuality.

Employees should have the space and support they need to come out as LGBT. The entire management should respect each employee’s identity and give them the freedom to change their pronouns if they choose. Additionally, the company’s management should work to educate the other group of employees who are not LGBTQ on how to accept one another and avoid stigmatization and prejudice. Since it is outside of their job description and may make some of them uncomfortable, LGBTQ employees shouldn’t be the ones to facilitate the sensitization.

Offer LGBTQ+ Benefits

Employee benefits packages should be distributed fairly to all employees by you. Benefits like paid time off, holidays, and adoption policies should be available to all employees, regardless of their sexual orientation, to make them feel included in the team.

Once employees have made their identity known, you should give them all their benefits regardless of the person’s physical appearance. Most of the time, offers like parental packages don’t apply to LGBT groups, causing discrimination.

Establish Support Programs for LGBTQ+ Employees

Another tip on how to create an LGBTQ inclusive workplace is by putting in place programs like seminars, conferences, and employee groups. Supportive measures like LGBTQ competency training, employee resource groups, and climate surveys can benefit such programs. You should constantly communicate with LGBTQ resource groups to solidify them into the management program to provide better ideas on improving inclusion policies for LGBTQ+ employees.

Promote Inclusive Hiring of Talent

Your company will become the most excellent LGBTQ-friendly workplace if it has a diverse and inclusive hiring culture. To make a good impression on the community, you should take the LGBT community into account while posting job openings. You must acknowledge that the subject of human sexuality is delicate and complicated. Employing LGBT people demonstrates that you recognize that everyone is unique and special in their way.

Communicate and Engage Employees in Policy Making

Before changing or adding something to a policy, every reputable organization will discuss it with their staff. All employees and management should have easy access to all information about the LGBT inclusion in workplace.

You may also make it a practice to discuss with the non-LGBTQ employees and staff what LGBT diversity and inclusion are like and how they should treat their coworkers without making them uncomfortable.


To realize the LGBTQ inclusive benefits in the workplace, employers, management, and non-LGBTQ+ employees must all contribute. However, you should not just create the policies; you must also ensure that the procedure works in the firm. Use the eight suggestions above to improve your strategy and overall business if unsure how companies can make their workplaces LGBT inclusive. In the end, not only will you be reputable but attract a diverse skilled talent to boost your business’s productivity.