List of Best HR Conferences in 2022

By hrlineup | 16.06.2022

Managing a business can be challenging, and HR professionals must stay abreast with the latest developments to improve employee engagement and business performance. Note that technology keeps advancing, and you do not want to be left behind while the changes associated with Human Resource operations occur. One way to stay updated with the latest developments in improving HR performance is by attending HR conferences 2022. Whether virtual or in-person, HR conferences help you network with other professionals. Moreover, you get to educate yourself on various topics in the HR department, including people analytics, health, and wellbeing, HR tech, employee engagement, etc. 

There are plenty of paid and free HR conferences you can attend every month in 2022. However, we compiled below a comprehensive list of the top 12 to consider this year. Note that these best HR conferences 2022 vary, and it is crucial that you compare them and select the one meeting your business needs.

1. The State of Changing Work Arrangements 2022 (January 26)

This is one of the best virtual HR conferences 2022, and it is available free of charge. It’s a no-brainer that business work arrangements are changing, and attending this conference helps you learn the latest trends and practices that will help you boost performance while retaining your employees. This HR conference 2022 brings together a diverse group of HR professionals from different regions globally. Therefore, you also get to network and market your brand. Some of the work arrangements you will explore at this conference include hybrid and remote work, flexible scheduling, etc. 

2. HR Innovation and Tech Fest (February 3 – February 4)

This is an in-person HR conference hosted in Sydney, Australia. It is only hosted for two days that connects HR leaders globally to network and learn about the latest HR technology. Other topics to explore at this conference include digital transformation, flexible working, workforce analytics, learning and development, recruitment and talent management, employee wellbeing and engagement, etc. It is hosted by top leaders in the HR industry. You simply have to pay an attendance fee to book a spot. 

3. HR Technology Conference and Exposition 2022 (March 01 – March 04)

HR Technology Conference and Exposition conference is held virtually, and any HR or OT professional globally can attend for free. At the end of this conference, you will be updated with the latest cutting-edge HR practices that will boost employee experience and maximize productivity. It is among the free hr tech conferences 2022 that you should consider attending. Plus, you will socialize with HR professionals, thus gaining insights and ideas regarding effectively managing a business.

4. Organizational Learning That Adapts to Change (April 20)

This conference teaches HR professionals how to train and manage their workers to help their businesses thrive in this fast-paced world. It is held virtually for a single day, covering various topics, including recruiting and onboarding, performance management, leadership skills, etc. If you feel like your leadership requires improvement to motivate your team, this is a conference you should book a spot for. 

5. Employee Engagement Summit 2022 (May 12 – May 14)

This conference is one of Europe’s largest in-person hr conferences 2022 to attend and boosts your leadership skills. It is held for two days where you get to learn more about the latest insights on business culture maintenance, employee engagement, remote and hybrid workers management, etc. The Employee Engagement Summit attract some of the industry’s leading professionals, making it a good opportunity to network and build solid connections. The best element about this HR conference is that it is affordable and you can also attend it virtually.

6. SHRM Annual Conference and Expo 2022 (June 12 – June 15)

This conference is a must-attend, whether virtual or in-person depending on your location. It will be held in New Orleans, bringing together a large number of HR professionals globally. Within the set four days, you should expect to attend 200 sessions on various HR management topics. Various activities are also conducted besides learning, including business presentations, hands-on workshops, and seminars. To attend, a fee is required, which varies depending on your membership status or if you will attend online or in person.

7. Talent Acquisition Week (July 25 – July 29)

This is a virtually held HR conference 2022 suitable for startup companies or professionals looking for improved tips for sourcing talent and employer branding. The conference boosts your talent acquisition strategy and lets you in on ways to retain employees. Note that Talent Acquisition Week is known to be a three-in-one summit. It involves a Social Recruiting Strategies Conference, an Employer Branding Strategies Conference, and a Talent Sourcing Strategies Conference. In the end, your talent management and acquisition strategies will never be the same.

8. The State of Human Experience in the Workplace 2022 (August 17)

If you are looking for a free virtual HR conference to join in 2022, then this conference is worth attending. It focuses on human experience in the workplace, especially regarding employees and clients. The conference also covers tips to improve employee retention, engagement, and performance. As a result, you will learn leadership and management skills, thus creating a conducive work environment for your staff. 

9. Creating a Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conference (September 21)

HR professionals seeking the latest insights and practices for improving their employee performance should book a spot at this online conference. You will pay $195 to attend the one-day summit virtually or consider other packages offered depending on your budget. Note that discrimination has been a contributing factor to poor business performance and employee turnover. By attending this conference, you will learn how to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion in your organization. As a result, you should be able to strategically empower your employees to achieve greater goals. 

10. Supporting Workplace Wellness & Wellbeing (October 19)

You will pay a small fee to attend this conference virtually. Schedule for October 21, 2022, you will gain insights on the best ways to support your workers, whether on-premise or remotely. You see, workers also go through challenges outside the work premise. If not handled carefully, the stress they are undergoing might end up affecting their performances. That is why this conference is aimed at guiding you on how to support your workers during tough times, whether it’s financial hardships, conflicts at home, death of a relative, etc. 

11. 29th Human Resource Summit (October 5)

It is one of the virtual HR conferences 2022 that has been existing for over three decades. Attending this conference is an excellent way to stay abreast with the latest developments in the HR industry. Moreover, meeting like-minded peers and celebrated HR professionals helps you to network and develop solid connections. The skills you learn from this conference will give you a clear insight into the best practices for managing your business and workers. As a result, you will be guaranteed a happy workforce and increased revenue. 

12. Agile Leadership Development Conference (November 16)

As an employer, it is crucial to help your employees develop their careers and become better persons than they were while joining your organization. Attending this conference will teach you how to develop successful leadership development programs. Upskilling and reskilling will also be a subject at this conference. This is so that you can easily create a talent pool o refer to and fill executive roles in the future. Remember, promoting your employees to senior positions saves on hiring costs and you get the best talent that is already well-versed with your business operations. The conference attracts a small fee and is attended virtually. 


Socializing is essential to business development, and you can easily do so by attending the above HR conferences in 2022. Keep in mind that most conferences mentioned above will be hosted next year during the same months although dates might vary. Therefore, always be on the lookout for any upcoming conference we recommend as it will make you a better leader in managing your employees and business. Also, the world is fast-paced, and you do not want to be left behind as new trends develop.