Top 10 Great Examples of Employer Branding 2024

By hrlineup | 25.06.2024

There are brands that have earned themselves a reputation for being brilliant employers. For this reason, getting the right people to fill in positions is something that they do with ease. Understanding why they are successful requires a quick evaluation of the best Employer Branding Examples.

10 Best Examples of Employer Branding 2024

Since recruiting quality candidates nowadays is an uphill climb in many organizations, an employer branding strategy can solve this challenge. With this strategy, the HR manager needs to be backed up with the necessary tools for branding campaigns

They should also rely on employee testimonials, whether from benefits, organizational culture and events, etc. Let’s take a look at the best employer branding examples to keep you motivated.

#1. Google

Google hires over 7,000 employees annually, making it list among the best employers. It has built a strong relationship with its employees, letting anyone freely share their opinions or ideas.

#2. Netflix

Netflix is among the highly rated streaming networks offering award-winning movies, tv shows, documentaries and more. What makes it stand out is its simplicity and honesty about what they do.

Employees working for Netflix also receive the best treatment. For example, its recently implemented leave policy allows new parents to take extended leave within the first year of the baby’s development. 

What’s more, Netflix works as a team, and every employee’s opinion is considered.

#3. GE

General Electric (GE) is a pioneer company that goes way back to the 1980s. It has managed to blend right into the digital world through its “What’s the matter with Owen?” campaign. 

#4. Zappos

Zappos campaign base is on social media. They share videos explaining how it feels and why you need to join their team. They also post open positions on their Instagram page, making it reach a wide range of audience. 

#5. Salesforce

Salesforce can be referred to through the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch, which to date is still rated among the best movies. It also supports and motivates employees and recently improved the maternity leave program. 

#6. Cisco

Cisco builds its brand based on employee referrals and job applicants’ recommendations. They also share success stories of their employees on their website, making it easier for anyone visiting their website to want to be part of Cisco.

#7. Starbucks

Starbucks stands out because of its social media recruitment strategy. Its hashtag #sbuxjobschat lets applicants communicate with the hiring manager or recruiters on social media platforms. 

#8. Microsoft

The secret to this company’s success is its feminist side. They favor and encourage their female workers while celebrating their success. This a perfect example to emulate and maybe figure out how to motivate the surrounding community.

#9. Samuel Adam

Samuel Adam is all about campaign videos where they share who they are and the advantages of being part of their company. Employers are free to carry pets at work as long as it doesn’t affect their performance. The video also includes their beer and why they enjoy it. 

#10. Heineken

Heineken is also a beer company that embraces all kinds of employees. Their video campaign indicates how they relate to everyone around them with dignity. 

How Can Employer Branding Be Improved in 2024?

In the next few years, employer branding is likely to become increasingly important for organizations that want to attract and retain top talent. Companies must focus on developing an employer brand that projects a unique and attractive identity to potential employees.

In 2024, organizations should focus on developing a clear and consistent message about their company culture, values, and mission. Companies should focus on creating a positive and engaging work environment, one that emphasizes collaboration and transparency. They should also focus on building a strong online presence and utilizing social media to promote their brand. Companies should also strive to provide competitive benefits and compensation packages, as well as ongoing professional development opportunities.

Organizations should also strive to create an employer brand that stands out from the competition. To do this, they should focus on creating a unique employer value proposition that sets them apart from other employers. They should also focus on celebrating their employees and creating an environment of recognition and appreciation.

In addition, organizations should consider investing in employee engagement initiatives, such as employee recognition programs, reward and recognition platforms, and employee feedback systems. These initiatives can help to create a positive work environment and help to promote engagement and loyalty among employees.

Overall, organizations must focus on creating an employer brand that is unique, attractive, and engaging in order to attract and retain top talent in 2024. By creating a positive work environment, focusing on employee engagement initiatives, and focusing on building a strong online presence, organizations can create an employer brand that will help them stand out from the competition.

Tips to Build Better Employer Brand

These are some tips that can help any firm build employer branding and attract the cream of the crop when it comes to candidates.

  • It Starts from Within

The best place to begin employer branding is with your existing employees. You need to ensure that they are loyal and motivated to speak positively about the organization. Companies should use this as their key employer branding strategy. Why the employees? Here are a few reasons: –

  1. They are often a point of reference for people who are looking to join the organisation.
  2. Their conversation and communication should focus on building the brand, which will then spill over into the way that the brand is viewed by the public.
  3. When a potential candidate hears a success story from your organisation, they will want to create their own success story by working for you.
  • Create Great Messages

Look at your organisation from the point of view of the candidate. Think about how you execute your employer branding for recruitment. Where do candidates find information about you?

  1. It normally begins with a visit to your social media network pages, as well as your website.
  2. It is important that you have a consistent message across all these platforms, which will help make your brand look more cohesive. Once you have a great message, you can then move your focus to building the employer brand a little more.
  3. You need to understand which platform has the most engagement, and then focus more in that platform to help you find the right candidates.
  • Be Clear About What the Brand Stands For

Potential candidates will tap into employer brands that are clear about what they stand for. Employer branding importance is reflected in a clear explanation on the culture of your company, as well as the value of the brand. Then you need to understand why employees want to work towards and unearth how you can meet this need. For potential employees, you must understand their values and the questions that they may ask so that you can address them. In addition, the work environment needs to be conducive to helping candidates fulfil their desires.

  • Take Advantage of Visual Cues

When seeking out candidates, there is a host of information that they may be looking at to ensure that you have a powerful brand that they can connect with. It also helps if you have some powerful visuals that reveal what your brand is all about. People can build their own stories and create expectations from looking at what the brand offers. 

In addition to pictures as visual cues, you should also use as much video as possible, as can be seen when sharing information on social media. This will help translate your employer brand into an experience, rather than simply a static story on what you are able to offer. Match these visual cues with well-thought-out content, and you are well on your way to winning the right people over.

Final Thoughts

As an employer, to stay ahead of the game, you need a winning strategy and knowing how to do employer branding can help you stand out from all the competition. Brilliant candidates are looking for opportunities that will appreciate what they have to offer and give them a chance to grow. 

When considering what they will be looking for, it is essential to ensure that the information you share will communicate that candidates can experience career growth in your organisation. This will help you get the right people and save from constant recruitment exercises for a good team. Use these tips, and you will be on the road to success with ease.


  • What makes a great employer brand?

A great employer brand should be authentic and complement organizational values. The employer’s ethical standards should be high, and they should be willing to attend to employees’ suggestions or comments. 

  • What is a strong employer brand?

A strong employer brand describes the employer’s reputation not only to the employees but to the corporate environment, including the customers. With a strong brand, you will attract and retain quality talent and customers. 

  • How do you brand your employer?

Employees can brand their employers through rereferrals and recommendations. This can only happen when they are motivated and supported so that they can share their success stories.

  • What is recruitment employer branding?

This is building your employer’s reputation to attract and hopefully hire quality talent that every organization seeks. Note that quality talent is what makes an organization productive. 

  • What is the employee branding process?

This is whereby employees understand the values of their employer’s brand and spread it externally to potential customers and other job seekers. It could be through word of mouth or social platforms. 

  • What are the benefits of employer branding?

Employer branding will make your organization stand out among competitors, thereby attracting the best talent. You are also likely to get many customers and potential investors.