Top Employee Engagement Trends for 2023

By hrlineup | 09.12.2022

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement can be defined as the emotional commitment an employee has for the organization they are working for and the goals of that organization. By being emotionally committed, employees will show great care for the work they do and their company in general. A fully engaged employee will not work for the paycheck or for the next promotion but on behalf of the organization to ensure that the company is achieving all its set goals. The reason why engagement is important is because it produces better outcomes for the business. A research finding has showed that businesses with fully engaged employees enjoy a higher net profit margin.

For this reason, employers and business leaders have started taking workforce engagement with the seriousness it deserves. For improved productivity, so much has changed in the way employers approached this issue. Today, employee engagement revolves around employee loyalty, employer branding and the business’ productivity. However, it is important for employers to know that genuine engagement is not easy to measure and what keeps one employee engaged may not work with another employee.  But what are some of the top employee engagement trends for 2023?

List of Best Employee Engagement Trends in 2023


1. A flexible work schedule for companies of all sizes

As you may know, flexibility is one of those things that can increase employee engagement. For more employees today, flexibility in the workplace is an important factor when looking for a job, better than benefits and compensation. Many large corporations and organizations have clear policies when it comes to employee flexibility, especially in matters pertaining working from home or engaging remote workers. However, this has not been easy for the small business. A small business will only allocate flexible working hours on a case-by-case basis. However, experts say that flexibility need to be emphasized in all types of businesses, whether small or large as this can motivate employees and keep them fully engaged.

2. An all-inclusive career development training gains momentum

Training employees is one of the greatest investments a company can ever make. Experts say that it is better to train an employee and have then leave than not to train them at all and have them stay. Days are gone when employees sought their own career development; in the days to come, employers will be more worried about employee training and so, they will strive to equip their employees with the skills and capabilities needed to empower them to work in and also outside their organizations.

3. Levels of employee engagement will rise

Employee engagement has been limited so much in the last years but HRs are beginning to see how this can be improved for the overall benefit of the organization. This year and in the years to come, a lot of changes will be seen in the way communication is done in workplaces as a way to boost new employee engagement. HRs are also expected to create workplaces that are more engaging as well as offer attractive benefits and any other employee engagement tools that will keep employees fully engaged.