Corporate Compliance Training Trends for 2019

By hrlineup | 09.01.2020

The new technology has changed so many aspects of living and this includes the way businesses are being conducted nowadays. Introduction of digital practices in workplaces has greatly impacted the way people used to work. What this means is that every business has to keep up with the current trends and any trainings that are needed to keep their organizations moving on. To fit in the digital future, there are corporate compliance training trends that organizations must adhere to if they want to stay at the top of the competition.

Corporate compliance training is among the most important training programs that businesses must consider, though sometimes it can be a little boring and messy. The training is important for any business that wants to offer training solutions that can benefit both the business and its employees. Some of the trends businesses should watch out for in 2019 include:

Employees taking charge of their own corporate learning

The use of technology has become widespread in our daily lives such that employees are now taking charge of their own learning.  Instead of waiting for the company to provide learning materials or forums for learning, employees are now using technology to find answers to the questions they have. For a business to succeed in the business market today, it needs to acknowledge this fact if it is going to keep up with the competition.

Everyone today is connected to the digital world, through the various devices that are in use. Waiting for weeks and sometimes for months for a course to be developed or a handbook to be updated may never work for a company that wants to thrive and beat its competitors.

Training materials are being developed to support the current learning need

Days when organizations required weeks and sometimes months organizing training are long gone. Now, better learning methods hare coming out that seek to address the learning need of the moment. The future compliance training will be marked with an increase in creation of training materials that address the exact point-of-need and those that will address the real-time issues and not issues of the future. Instead of spending more time learning something that might only apply in the future, organizations are now looking for a way to provide immediate solutions that will keep the workers well-informed and at the same time maintain the workflow.

Expect digital resources in place of learning courses

Courses will take time and this is a resource many organizations do not have enough of. If any of the workers is stuck at work, what they need is an immediate solution that will keep them going in no time, exactly what digital resources are offering. The coming compliance training will focus more on digital resources and not on courses, to keep employees well-informed and still save on company time and money.

There is a lot that is changing in corporate compliance training that businesses need to be aware of for successful results in their next compliance assessment.