Top 10 Employee Monitoring Software For 2023

By hrlineup | 19.12.2022

In the business world, remote work has become the new standard. This has enabled companies to monitor their staff members’ activities closely. Note that for any firm to succeed, it must provide exceptional customer service and high-quality products. For many organisations, maintaining employee productivity and efficiency is a challenging chore, but thanks to technology, the procedure is now a piece of the cake.

Employee monitoring software tools are available for companies and managers to assess how their workforce spends their work time. The best employee monitoring software can log phone calls, emails, social media, and other communication mediums to understand how employees perform. Therefore, this article looks at the best user activity monitoring software to help you monitor your employees’ productivity.

Best Employee Monitoring Software in 2023

1. Hubstaff

Hubstaff logo

Hubstaff is one of the best employee monitoring software for your business due to its flexibility and efficiency. The solution is best known for time tracking and workforce monitoring, enabling you to get information on how workers perform. This employee monitoring software work from home and also integrates with operation softwares like Linux, Chrome, IOS, Mac, Windows, and Android.

Hubstaff is an excellent employee monitoring program for managing your workforce. It gives you access to three premium plans and a free one, making it adaptable for organisations of all sizes. By monitoring mouse and keyboard activity to determine how active the employees are working, this solution protects privacy when tracking your employees’ productivity. Furthermore, the solution does not perform keylogging; instead, it displays a true or false result to demonstrate productivity. If the material is critical, it can take screenshots that staff can later delete.

2. Teramind

Teramind logo

Do you want an employee monitoring solution for your business that manages threats, prevents data loss and optimises employee productivity? Teramind is armed with forensic evidence to provide this security. Plus, it offers a comprehensive solution that is easy to learn and use.  On top of that, the software provides features like website monitoring, email monitoring, file transfer monitoring, and keystroke logging.

Keep in mind that this solution can deter employees from participating in and viewing other activities. You can easily record their activities on audio or video with little vibrations to maintain the privacy of their information. As an employee monitoring software work from home, you can easily monitor activities and decide if you want them to access the company’s data.

3. ActivTrak

Activtrak logo

ActivTrak is the best employee monitoring software for analytics by drawing a difference between productive and unproductive employee behaviour. You can track the time your employees take at work and how effective they are. This process happens through mouse movement and keyboard activity which does not involve keyboard stroking.

This solution’s location dashboard lets you track your employees based on their location, time, and days of the week. It provides security through audit trails, USB tracking activities, risk scores, and automated responses. Moreover, it shows productivity, workload balance, and tech usage analytics which you can use to identify the top performers and help promote employee retention.

4. Insightful

Insightful logo

Insightful is a user activity monitoring software that tracks employees’ activity and offers them privacy by allowing them to control their records. As a result, it has both visible and stealth modes which you can change accordingly to suit your company’s needs. Insightful also allows you to add features like manual screenshots, higher screenshots, and alerts.

Additionally, Insightful automates its employee monitoring tech by offering a level productivity-level tool that allows you to assign many activities as productive or unproductive. Managers can also carry this process on a smaller scale to ensure that employees are at work and are consistently effective.

5. Veriato

Veriato logo

Veriato is one of the best employee monitoring software tools for large enterprises, and it is also a threat detection software for Androids, Macs, and Personal Computers. You can easily track your workforce productivity, conduct forensic investigations, prevent data loss, and promote legal compliance. You can track employees’ productivity using their applications, the websites they visit, emails, and their online searches.

Additionally, this solution promotes employee retention by offering a workforce disengagement analysis to determine their engagement and activity. Veriato offers security alerts for anomalies, policy violations, and specific keywords only known to authorised users to reduce threats.

6. InterGuard

Interguard logo

InterGuard is a cloud-based software used mainly by large firms as an employee monitoring software. You will track the time between employee breaks and report back to duty. If you are using smartphones to conduct office work, Interguard promotes users with mobile devices.

InterGuard works best with remote workers compared to their office counterparts. It monitors websites and all activities performed, allowing you to block employees from logging into harmful sites. This tool’s data loss prevention software has endpoint data retrieval and lockdown features that enable you to retrieve lost data and prevent employees from specific websites.

7. Controlio

Controlio logo

Controlio is a cloud-based employee monitoring software for employee management that tracks and records your workforce activity. The solution is flexible, and you can locate employees from any device. Moreover, you can view the data from a web-based dashboard right from your location.

Controlio offers features to track screen activities and view previous performances from a recorded video. You can also use keylogging for more visibility of employees’ activities. You can access data stored for over six months and generate productivity scores to rate and compare your business to competitors.

8. TimeDoctor

Time Doctor logo

TimeDoctor is an employee-friendly performance and time-tracking software that accurately helps you measure how your workforce spends their duty time. The software is customisable and flexible and can quickly adapt to your company culture and promote change by bringing out every individual performance and suggestions for improvement.

Remote workers or office managers can use the solution, offering privacy to the company information not to be accessed by the employees. Furthermore, the tool is adopted by many organisations to provide the best productivity, accountability, and profitability.

9. Work Examiner  

Work examiner logo

One of the top employee monitoring programs for 2023 is Work Examiner. It is an office program that only works on Windows-based computers, and it offers a 30-day free trial period and a one-time licensing price that lets you avoid recurring charges.

Work Examiner offers features like website and application reporting, screenshot recording and keystroke logging. You can use it to track all your employees’ searches, block the use of external devices, schedule reports, and filter applications. These activities ensure your workforce is on track to meet their work targets.

10. DeskTime

Desktime logo

DeskTime is a desktop and mobile time-tracking app for remote and in-office users. It is an easy-to-use software when measuring employee productivity, tracking attendance, boosting performance, and team management. You can easily assign tasks to employees, efficiently communicating with them on the roles.

Additionally, the software provides offline and online time-tracking features, shift and absence scheduling, project management, optional screenshots, and custom reports. It also integrates with other project management softwares to streamline the employee tracking process.


You need a sound staff monitoring system for your company to remain competitive. You must consider features that match your requirements to guarantee employee involvement and attendance. Therefore, choose a suitable user activity monitoring software to prevent wasting time and resources on re-doing work.