Top 10 Modern Recruitment Techniques For Your Hiring Process

By hrlineup | 09.08.2022

Adopting many technological concepts has made the hiring process more efficient. These innovative techniques enable organizations to access the talent market and find the top applicants. Being so competitive, you must comprehend the distinctions between traditional and modern methods of recruitment, as well as when to use each. To provide insight into how they apply in recruitment and to help you make a decision based on your organization’s needs, we will examine the best modern recruitment techniques for your hiring process.

What is Modern Recruitment?

Utilizing contemporary, growing ways of talent sourcing is part of a modern recruitment process. The use of modern recruitment techniques aids recruiters in screening, communicating, and engaging applicants, as well as in identifying whether the candidates’ values align with the firm’s culture.

As a result, changes occur daily due to technological progress, each being better than the last. While most techniques of recruitment and selection transcend departments and disciplines, you must consider your company’s needs before implementing any strategy in your hiring process.

Top 10 Modern Techniques of Recruitment

Employees are the best asset a company could have since they contribute significantly to its success. So, what are modern methods of recruitment to help you identify quality talent? Below are the top-rated modern techniques of recruitment and selection.

1. Artificial Intelligence Technology

For organizations to find talent, they use AI technologies, one of the most effective modern techniques of recruitment. Since recruiting is a complicated process, artificial intelligence technology streamlines the complex processes and uses less time and resources than previous recruitment tactics.

By automating the screening of candidates, artificial intelligence highlights the performance differences between traditional and modern methods of recruitment. It makes use of advanced tools such as chatbots to access applicants. Artificial intelligence may search your data and pick former applicants who match the job description. You will have access to a vast talent pool to select the perfect applicant.

2. Social Media Sites

Currently, recruiters are using several social media platforms to find prospects. Considering social media as one of your modern strategies for your hiring process is essential because the vast majority of individuals use these platforms. In addition to interacting and communicating with candidates, recruiters utilize social media to investigate the applicants’ backgrounds.

The platforms also allow you to post employment advertisements, luring both passive and active applicants to submit applications to your business. As a result, social media gives you access to many prospects simultaneously and from any location.

3. Applicant Tracking Systems

ATS has enabled recruiters to automate time-consuming administrative tasks in the modern recruitment process. The system assists in collecting applicant data from resumes and cover letters, ranking applicants based on their qualifications, and examining the applications to weed out those that don’t fit the job description.

But there are other kinds of applicant tracking system software; before implementing one into your hiring program, study to choose the one that best meets your demands.

4. Mobile Optimization and Video Interviews 

Given that nearly everyone uses mobile devices, many firms, if not all, have adopted mobile recruitment methods. It is another cutting-edge hiring method that guarantees instant access to candidates, particularly millennials and Generation Z. These candidates frequently utilize their mobile devices for all activities, including job searching. Since the devices are portable, you won’t miss any applications because job seekers can submit their applications as soon as they view the job advertisement from anywhere.

However, video conference interviews, another modern method of recruitment and selection, let you examine applicants while providing a good experience. Candidates can conduct interviews without physically being present using video conferencing programs like Skype or Google Hangout.

This cutting-edge approach saves you time and money by not requiring as many resources as you might have needed to prepare for a conventional interviewing process. So, you will set aside the top prospects and move on to the next round of the hiring procedure.

5. Virtual Reality Interaction

Virtual reality is a trending technique for recruitment and selection of candidates, which is also exciting. Using this technology, you may effectively engage with prospects by holding three-dimensional meetings, virtually introducing them to the workforce, and demonstrating your workplace culture.

Even if implementing virtual reality technology is pricey, it speaks well of your company’s willingness to embrace technology and attract customers. These devices are effective for candidates who cannot physically tour your office.

6. Passive Candidates and Talent Rediscovery

Another modern recruitment process that guarantees you receive the best candidates for your company is engaging prospects who are not currently looking for work. This process can be possible by providing them with better employment opportunities and salaries than they are now receiving.

Another modern recruitment technique is talent rediscovery, which enables your application tracking system (ATS) to compile data on previous candidates who meet the requirements of the open positions. You may also consider hiring the boomerang workers who departed on good terms but still require employment. As a result, you will have access to a large skill pool when selecting your staff.

7. Organization Reviewing Platform

With this modern method of recruitment, candidates can look for firms to which they would like to apply. The candidates learn more about what it’s like to work there and ask essential questions to understand the company’s principles better.

Glassdoor is a perfect example of a review site that informs potential employees on what to expect from working in the company. Additionally, workers can provide reviews while working in your company. However, ensure all your employees are satisfied and content with policies because these reviews have the power to make or ruin your business reputation.

8. Search Engine Optimization Tools

With these updated tools, recruiters may easily construct a job description for prospects to access. The tools concentrate on keywords that job seekers are most likely to utilize. Due to the skillful integration of keywords within the job description, candidates can find your posting, regardless of the search engine used. Furthermore, SEO technology increases your company’s visibility.

9. Virtual Personality Assessment

When interviewing applicants, personality testing is crucial to determining whether they will fit into the culture of your business. Before interviewing potential candidates, you can use online personality questionnaires to learn more about their personality types. The surveys may take the shape of inquiries about respondents’ ethical standards at work and personal conduct.

10. Virtual Recruitment Marketing

Virtual recruitment marketing is an approach a recruiter can utilize to draw potential employees’ attention to the job ad. You can use direct messaging to post the job advertisement on several social media platforms and communicate with the applicants directly. As a result, you will receive more applications, giving you a wide selection of qualities.


Depending on their demands and budget, businesses employ different recruitment and selection techniques. For greater efficiency, some people combine traditional and modern methods of recruitment. However, the recruitment process is now simple due to technology, so there is no pressing reason to follow the conventional route. Using contemporary hiring techniques guarantees top candidates and a diversified team.