Skype Overview

Skype is a free distance calling and video tool that now features specific tools and features for interviewers and interviewees. The site even gives tips on how interviewees can prepare for their skype interviews to ensure they get the job!

The site now includes more general features that will help interviewees succeed. They can schedule a call and show off their organizational skills as well as show their ability to collaborate. To keep the meeting, professional applicants can blur out the background in their home environment to ensure employers don’t see any messes or distractions.  They also include HD high-quality calls to prevent freezing, awkward pauses, and misunderstandings. By adding these features, they create a comfortable and authentic interview experience for the interviewers and interviewees.

Skype now includes more collaborative work features for meetings and interviews. These features include screen sharing to present a thorough and clear presentation of your work as you speak with an interviewer. Skype even now has a collaborative coding feature called a live code environment for programming interviews, which allows the interviewer and applicant to solve and debug code together. The collaborative tools create a more authentic work environment in which to test your applicant.

Skype’s interview features even include a recording feature. This feature helps remind interviewers of potential applicants they met with during various meetings. The interviewees can use the recording to reflect on their performance. Even if an applicant does not get a position, they can examine the employer’s reactions to their answers and improve for future applications.

Skype Features

Skype has various features that make it one of the most preferred tools by employers. It is a flexible tool for communication and organizations that have benefitted from it can make voice and video calls and share instant messages and files on all devices. There is no limitations to using Skype since it is flexible to suit all types of organizations. Although Skype is free to download and use, you can always pay or buy a subscription if you want extra services. It is one one of the most efficient tools that continues to serve millions of corporate businesses globally. 

The tool has various features and most of them have been listed in the overview above. However, to refresh our minds, here are the significant elements that makes Skype a reliable and efficient software.

  • Smart messaging
  • Screen sharing
  • Audio and video calls management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Mobile support
  • Communication management
  • Interview management
  • Time tracking.
Quick Facts
  • Computer Software
  • 10,001+ employees
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