Top 10 HR Tech Influencers in 2023

By hrlineup | 01.12.2022

Have you ever thought of the brains behind the technology information we initiate in our talent acquisition and recruitment content? Actually, there are HR influencers in tech doing all the legwork. You see, with changes in innovation, most HR professionals find it challenging to conduct research. However, HR tech influencers discover emerging and spreading innovations and developments. These HR leaders process a lot of data, choose the best information, and inform their followers through online platforms. This is so that business managers get an easy time accessing these well-presented data and implementing it in their businesses.

Note that technology has significantly changed the hiring process by streamlining everything to acquire top talent in the market. Therefore knowledge about the best global influencers in hr tech is paramount in understanding your information. Even though there are many of them in the tech industry today, below, we discuss the top 10 HR tech influencers in 2023.

Best Global HR Influencers in 2023

1. Laura Close

About: Founder of



Laura spent her career discovering other potential chances and re-organizing historically abandoned communities.  Moreover, she trained administrative leaders to design and initiate KPIs for the DEI scale. She worked towards improving her customers’ experience and treating them like family. This effort made her stable to solve hr problems leading to the foundation of Included. This company promotes equality and alienation of human biases in recruitment. 

Additionally, her company encourages using technology to hire different skills and gender balance in the workforce. Her main target is to ensure that recruitment is fair and every candidate receives what they deserve. Consequently, her contribution was in the limelight, making her one of the top global influencers in hr tech.

2. Jeanne Meister

About: Founder of Future Workplace Academy



Meister is a good hr professional, a visionary, and an activist who wants to improve people’s perception of work. She is involved in helping organizations re-image and re-invent their workforce in the coming days. Furthermore, she believes that physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being matters for a productive working environment. Additionally, employees’  well-being means comfort, and their families are also happy. This line of thinking increases productivity because there will be less stress and employee dissatisfaction.

3. Brigette Hyacinth

About: Author and Keynote Speaker



As an author, Brigette wrote many inspiring books on leadership, automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Her book on artificial intelligence ranked one of the best guides for initiating AI in industrial recruitment. Moreover, she is among the top hr analysts because of her opinion regarding HR leadership and transforming the community technologically. Brigette promotes the principle that advanced technology and artificial intelligence can positively alter the recruitment process leading to a safer and better work environment.

As an influencer, she made organizations understand how to increase productivity and build a competitive and innovative workforce. Additionally, Brigette founded the MBA Carribian organization that conducts workshops on leadership, education, and management, assisting companies worldwide.

4. Hung Lee

About: Writer of Recruiting Brainfood



Hung covers crucial subjects that directly affect the recruitment sector.  These subjects like Artificial Intelligence, hiring technology, and the future workforce have made him one of the best global influencers in hr tech. The Recruitment Brainfood is a newsletter with information crucial to the talent business.

Hung’s newsletter is not the only achievement he has made, but he is an experienced recruiter, head of talent management, recruitment trainer, and talent management leader. Consequently, he is acknowledged worldwide for his intriguing ideas on modern recruitment techniques.

5. Matt Charney

About: Chief Content Officer at Allegis Global Solutions


Matt Charney is one of the top hr and recruitment influencers in tech because he specializes in creating content and campaigning that transforms the employer brand into a rewarding outcome. With good ideas on company marketing, Matt delivers working business solutions. As a result, he earned himself the honor of being one of the best hr tech influencers.

One of his beliefs is that businesses still need the human workforce because artificial intelligence cannot solve all the problems.

6. Marcel Rietveld

About: Founder of TalentMapper


Marcel joined the list of top hr leaders because of his company TalentMapper, which offers recruitment consultations. This company has helped many organizations land top candidates in the employment market. Additionally, he is also a social media wizard posting quality recruitment content that helps boost many organizations’ hiring strategies.

7. Patricia Karam

About: CEO Mission Recruit



The Human Recruit company initiates an assessment known as Human Design in its business model. This model gives an option of using other recruitment and assessment tools. As a result, teams understand where their weakness is and how they should make better decisions.

Patricia’s ideas impact recruitment by improving HR use of DEI and use of technology to eliminate cases of biases in recruitment. This contribution to the talent sourcing process has made her one of our top hr influencers 2023.

8. Joey Price

About: CEO at Jumpstart


Joey Price has a history of working as an HR assistant in different organizations. Currently a CEO of Jumpstart HR consulting firm. He believes that the talent management team should relate well with their seniors and other employees to improve their working experience. Moreover, the company brand is not only about showcasing your strengths but promoting the organization’s vision, mission, and culture. A good workforce relationship will encourage cohesion leading to increased production.

9. Pramod Solanki

About: Founder of Performance Enablers


As one of the best hr tech influencers, Pramod state that technological innovation should enable employees to work better and engage in the company’s responsibility to yield more. Additionally, employers should focus more on building their employee’s skills and formulate good cultures that boost the company’s productivity. Moreover, he has invented leadership interventions to coach recruiters to relate with others at work.

10. Steve Boese

About: CO-Founder HR Technology Conference



Steve Boese is an HR leader and a writer for the Human Resource Executive Magazine. He came up with the best human resource podcast, HR Happy Hour Show. Therefore, he is an original thinker on innovation, making him stand out among our top ten hr professionals.


We cannot exhaust all the hr and recruitment influencers in tech because some have even graduated today. However, our list allows you to follow and gain more insight into technological advancement in the business world. Furthermore, all these influencers have one thing in common, improve the recruitment strategy. That being said, initiate their ideas and improve your business performance and productivity.