Top 10 Recruiting Strategies 2022 for Hiring Great Employees

By Colin Gordon | 14.01.2022

The job market is transforming with the changing technology, leading to the discovery of new recruitment trends, tools, and strategies. For instance, hiring software have nowadays simplified the recruitment process since employers or hiring managers can easily post their job openings and quickly reach a wider audience. However, getting to a wider audience does not guarantee that you will meet top talent. You still need to find the best out-of-the-box recruiting strategies that will drive excitement, thus making you stand out from other employers. This article gathers the top 10 recruiting strategies 2022 for hiring great employees. With them, you can easily hook job seekers and succeed at attracting the best to apply for an open position. 

What is Recruitment Strategy

A Recruitment strategy is a plan that recruiters or hiring managers develop to source and hire the best candidates. With a solid recruitment strategy plan, copious applications will stream in as soon as you post your job opening since every job seeker out there will want to be part of your team. As a result, you have an increased potential of meeting the type of candidate you are looking for.

Types of Recruitment Strategies 2022

Below are different types of recruitment strategies that every employer should use to attract the best talent. Feel free to use them to meet the top talent willing to work long-term.

1. The Power of Social Media

Social media platforms have become reliable recruiting tools in recent years, and you can use them in your recruitment strategies. Since many people these days are hooked to social media, take advantage and share your job posting and be active in communication. It is also advisable that you share your company’s achievements and events on social media platforms using photos and videos to give job seekers a glimpse of what it looks like to be part of your team. 

2. Use Employee Referral Programs

Employees will always try to impress you when they feel that you trust them, especially with crucial matters like referring to a new candidate. Encourage them to use their already created networks to share open positions and advise the potential candidates to apply. Of course, you cannot completely trust your employees’ judgment, and you need to conduct the hiring procedures as usual by screening, interviewing, and conducting background checks on the applicants. You should also offer incentives to employees, thus making them strive to find top talent fast.

3. Consider Offering Internship Programs

In their early careers, college students or individuals usually look for opportunities to gain professional experience by applying for internship programs in various organizations. This is an opportunity you should take advantage of and build a talent that can turn out to be a force to reckon with in the future.

4. Treat Job Applicants Fairly

It is paramount that every job applicant gets equal treatment regardless of their looks or ability to meet your hiring needs. You should make them feel comfortable throughout the hiring process and show that you are excited to meet them as they are meeting you. You should be respectful, welcoming, and open to questions, if any. Giving candidates unfair treatment may cost you the best talent, and they will never recommend other applicants to your company. 

5. Create a Talent Pool

When hiring a new employee, there are candidates who will meet all your requirements but miss out due to uncontrollable reasons. As such, you should consider keeping their resumes and creating a talent pool. This is so that if you need to hire again, you know where to find the best talent. Besides, they might have learned new skills that may benefit your business performance. 

6. Sponsor Your Job Advertisements

There are various things to consider when hiring an employee, and one of them is sponsoring your job posts to reach a wider audience. You see, many employers are posting thousands of job openings on job boards every day. For this reason, your job listing visibility can reduce overtime. Therefore, you should consider sponsoring your job post to keep your visibility active and reach a wider audience.

7. Create Detailed Job Descriptions

The way you write your job description will determine the quality of candidates applying to your job post. Make sure the job description is straight to the point and hooks the attention of potential applicants. For instance, be specific with the job titles, include key responsibilities, engaging summaries, and most importantly, your organizational culture. This way, it is easy for the candidates to fully understand what you are looking for, leaving them to decide whether they fit into your description.

8. Accept Resumes Anytime

One of the recruitment advice for employers is that you should not limit time for accepting resumes. This can make you miss out on the type of candidate you are looking for. Besides, your business is still active, and you will desperately need a candidate at some point. Therefore, accept all applications even after hiring, and include the best candidates in your talent pool for future reference.

9. Optimize Job Search on Google

Most job applicants begin their job search on Google, and it is crucial that you consider including Google in your recruitment strategy. When you optimize your job search on Google, your job posting will appear when candidates search for related jobs. On top of that, Google will only display your job posting to candidates within your area, making it easier for you to meet top talent.

10. Attend Meetup Events

Meetup events allow you to meet and network with a diverse group of individuals. In these meetups, you get to discuss industry challenges and trends. As a result, you will be able to notice individuals who stand out by the way they express themselves. 


The above methods on how to improve recruitment and selection process are easy to implement. You simply need to be dedicated and identify the ones suitable for your business and candidate base. Additionally, work on your employer branding to also attract the best talent. With the best recruitment strategies in HRM, hiring top talent will be the least of your worries.