10 Best Recruitment Podcasts You Need To Listen To In 2023

By hrlineup | 23.01.2023

Recruitment can be challenging, and as a recruiter, it is essential that you stay abreast with developing trends to learn the best approach to it. Besides online content inspired by top HR tech influencers, you should consider listening to recruitment podcasts. The best element about podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere and understand content as received. Note that there are plenty of podcasts to consider, and it can be challenging for recruiters to trust any. Luckily, we did thorough research and recommend below the 10 best recruitment podcasts recruiters need to listen to in 2023.

1. The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast

The Recruitment Brainfood Podcast is one of the best talent acquisition podcasts you should consider in 2023. Started by Hung Lee who is a recruitment expert, the podcast is aimed at bringing HR and recruitment insights to businesses globally so that they can be able to make the best hiring and management decisions. You will hear from different guest speakers regarding ways to source the best talent, especially now that most employees prefer working remotely. 

2. Recruiting Future With Matt Alder

Matt Adler started this interview-based podcast to reach out to senior HR professionals and recruitment business personnel. This podcast features long episodes than others since it focuses on in-depth hiring acquisition strategies and trends. So far, the Recruitment Future podcast has over 6 years of existence, featuring more than 200 episodes. With many topics covered, you can easily identify suitable ones through searching by category. Keep in mind that Matt Adler is very selective with the guest he invites to his podcast. They have vast experience in the recruitment field, so rest assured of quality information.

3. The #SocialRecruiting Show

This podcast was started by Katrina Collier and Glen Martin. Through the many episodes it features, you get inspired through various topics on HR trends and hiring techniques. You can join this podcast every Friday at 3 pm UK time and join the community of professionals dedicated to helping you revamp your recruitment strategies. The hosts of this podcast have a critical eye in inviting guests that will not only help inspire your recruiting approaches but manage your workforce towards growing a successful business. 

4. Recruiter Startup by Dualta Doherty

Dualta Doherty started this podcast to assist startup recruitment companies to run successful hiring agencies. Through the podcast, you get to listen to insights from famous agents globally where they get to share the challenges they went through before becoming successful in the recruitment industry. As a result, it will be easier for you to avoid making the same mistakes and implement the best strategy for managing a successful recruitment agency. Plus, the podcast helps recruiters learn the best hiring solutions and improve their hiring processes. No wonder it is among the top-rated podcasts by recruiters and HR experts globally.

5. Hiring On All Cylinders

This is another recruiting podcast 2023 that has attracted many individuals’ attention in the recruitment sector. Started by Entelo, the podcast features many episodes that will help you learn the best strategies to stay on top of the recruiting competition. The featured guests explore trends in technology, including hiring software so that you can avoid mistakes that hinder many recruiters from sourcing the right talent. Plus this technical recruiting podcast goes beyond hiring trends and resume screening, and we assure you that it is among the HR podcasts you will enjoy listening to.

6. Recruitment On The Go

If you are wondering about a productive activity to engage in over the weekend, then you should listen to Recruitment On The Go podcast. It is one of the most highly rated staffing podcasts hosted by Caitie and Mingus as it focuses on educating recruiters on the best hiring strategies. This podcast can be listened to any day as you discover the latest hiring trends. Fortunately, this podcast’s episodes are short and you can listen to them even during work breaks or while on the move. In total, you get to listen to over 15 episodes every week.

7. The Chad and Cheese Podcast

Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are among the industry’s popular analysts known to have decades of experience in the recruitment field. They started this podcast to educate recruiters or hiring managers going through recruitment challenges to improve their strategies. Chad and Cheese invite guest speakers who are open, and transparent in letting you know everything about the staffing and recruiting industry. Most importantly, they update their listeners on trending market news and offer their opinions regardless of how harsh they may sound. It is definitely a podcast worth listening to. 

8. The Talent Cast

The Talent Cast podcast is hosted by James Ellis who brings life into your boring day by exploring different topics of recruitment. It is one of the best talent acquisition podcasts since it is enjoyable and hosts highly-respected guests in the employment industry. You will get to hear James Ellis grilling his guests to ensure they spill everything out, including their secrets. Additionally, you get to learn resume writing trends so that you can identify the best talent during the hiring process. 

9. The Contract Recruiter Podcast

Hosted by Eloise Sutton Kirkby, The Contract Recruiter podcast mainly focuses on contract recruitment and the best practices to source candidates globally. Featuring industry-leading recruitment leaders, you get to learn the best hiring practices that make these leaders build their brands. Also, listeners get to learn what to avoid during recruitment and tips for retaining existing employees. Remember, the hosts of this show invite guests from different regions so that you can advance your recruitment skills from different ideas and improve business. 

10. The Recruitment Hackers Podcast 

If you are looking for uniques ideas on talent acquisition, then this staffing podcast is the right choice for you. By listening to industry leaders with vast experience in the recruitment field, you will be able to view recruitment from a different perspective. Furthermore, you will learn tips on building an excellent talent pool through real-life examples from the hosted guests. This is whether you hire remote or on-premise workers. Other best practices you will learn through the Recruitment Hackers podcast include employee onboarding, background checks, employer branding, workplace well-being, etc. It is hosted daily, so simply identify the best day and time to listen to it. 


It’s a no-brainer that the world of recruiting is competitive and finding the best talent continues to be challenging for many recruitment managers. To improve your hiring strategy, it is crucial that you stay abreast with current and developing hiring trends. Also, listen to the above top-rated podcasts by recruiters and HR experts and get to learn from the best professionals in the market. Luckily, these podcasts can be listened to through any device for as long as you are connected to the internet. Most importantly, some of these podcasts go live multiple times a day, allowing you to listen to them whenever you are on the move or during work breaks.