10 Best Employee Intranet Platforms in 2024

By hrlineup | 14.06.2024

In today’s digital age, employee intranet platforms have become a vital tool for organizations of all sizes. These platforms serve as centralized hubs for internal communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and employee engagement. In 2024, there are several exceptional intranet platforms available that provide advanced features and seamless user experiences. In this article, we will explore some of the 10 best employee intranet platforms that are leading the way in 2024.

What is Intranet Software?

Intranet software refers to a private network designed exclusively for internal use within an organization. It acts as a centralized hub where employees can access company information, collaborate on projects, and communicate with their colleagues. Unlike the internet, which is accessible to the general public, intranets are protected by security measures to ensure confidentiality.

Top 10 Employee Intranet Software for Digital Workplace in 2024

1. Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft logo

Microsoft SharePoint continues to be one of the most widely adopted intranet platforms due to its robust features and integration with the Microsoft ecosystem. SharePoint offers a wide range of tools for document management, team collaboration, and content publishing. With its modern interface and mobile-friendly design, SharePoint provides a user-friendly experience for employees. Furthermore, its integration with other Microsoft tools such as Office 365 and Teams enhances productivity and collaboration within organizations.

2. Jive


Jive is a feature-rich employee intranet platform that emphasizes collaboration and social engagement. It provides a centralized hub for sharing files, discussions, and updates, enabling employees to connect and collaborate across departments and locations. Jive offers various community features, including blogs, forums, and social networking, fostering a sense of belonging and knowledge sharing among employees. Its powerful search capabilities and personalized content recommendations further enhance the user experience.

3. Igloo Software

Igloo logo

Igloo Software is a flexible intranet platform that focuses on enhancing employee engagement and productivity. It offers customizable solutions to suit different organizational needs, allowing businesses to create tailored intranet experiences. Igloo provides tools for content management, task management, and team collaboration, empowering employees to work efficiently. With its intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality, Igloo simplifies the process of creating and managing content, making it an ideal choice for organizations seeking a user-friendly intranet solution.

4. Workplace from Meta

Workplace by facebook logo

Workplace from Meta leverages the familiarity and popularity of Facebook’s interface to provide a seamless intranet experience. This platform offers a familiar social media-like interface that facilitates communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among employees. Workplace integrates with various popular business tools and applications, enabling smooth workflows and enhancing productivity. Additionally, its mobile app ensures that employees can stay connected and engaged on the go.

5. ThoughtFarmer

Thoughtfarmer logo

ThoughtFarmer is known for its intuitive interface and user-friendly design, making it a preferred choice for organizations seeking an easy-to-use intranet platform. It offers robust features for document management, collaboration, and employee engagement. ThoughtFarmer’s social intranet capabilities encourage communication and collaboration, while its powerful search functionality enables quick access to information. With customizable branding options, organizations can create a personalized intranet experience that aligns with their corporate identity.

6. Intranet Connections

Intranet connections logo

Intranet Connections is a leading provider of customizable intranet software solutions designed to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing among employees in organizations of all sizes. The platform is designed to provide a centralized hub for all internal communication, with features including document management, workflow automation, and social collaboration tools.

7. WorkVivo

Workvivo logo

WorkVivo is a modern intranet software designed to foster employee engagement and create a vibrant digital workplace. Its social media-like interface enables employees to interact, recognize achievements, and stay connected. WorkVivo’s key features include newsfeeds, employee recognition, polls, surveys, and integration with popular business tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams. By providing a centralized hub for communication and collaboration, WorkVivo strengthens company culture and boosts employee morale.

8. Simpplr

Simpplr logo

Simpplr is an intuitive employee intranet software that focuses on simplifying internal communication and enhancing employee engagement. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with powerful search capabilities, ensures that employees can easily access relevant information and collaborate effectively. Simpplr offers features like news and announcement boards, document management, employee directories, and social networking functionalities. By streamlining internal communication, Simpplr helps organizations improve productivity and employee satisfaction.

9. Staffbase

Staffbase logo

Staffbase is a mobile-first employee intranet software designed to connect and engage a dispersed workforce. Its intuitive mobile app provides instant access to company news, resources, and communication channels. Staffbase offers features such as targeted messaging, push notifications, employee feedback, and surveys. Moreover, it supports multilingual content and can be customized to reflect an organization’s branding. Staffbase empowers organizations to reach and engage all employees, regardless of their location or job function.

10. Jostle

Jostle logo

Jostle is an intranet software known for its simplicity and focus on employee engagement. It provides a centralized platform for sharing news, updates, and knowledge across the organization. Jostle’s key features include employee profiles, team collaboration spaces, and recognition tools. It also offers integrations with popular third-party applications like Google Drive and Slack. Jostle’s user-friendly interface and customizable design contribute to an inclusive and collaborative work environment.

Features and Functionalities of Intranet Platforms

  • Document Management: 

Intranet software provides a platform for storing, organizing, and sharing documents, making it easier for employees to access important files and collaborate on projects. Version control and permissions ensure that the right individuals have the appropriate level of access to sensitive information.

  • Communication Tools: 

Intranets serve as a virtual meeting place for employees, facilitating real-time communication and collaboration. Features like instant messaging, discussion forums, and team collaboration spaces enable employees to exchange ideas, ask questions, and work together efficiently.

  • Employee Directories: 

Intranet software often includes employee directories that provide detailed information about team members. This feature helps employees locate and connect with colleagues, fostering a sense of community and enhancing teamwork.

  • News and Announcements: 

Organizations can use intranets as a platform for disseminating news, announcements, and updates to employees. Whether it’s sharing company-wide news, policy changes, or department-specific updates, intranets ensure that the information reaches the intended audience quickly and efficiently.

  • Task and Project Management: 

Intranet software can integrate task and project management tools, allowing teams to create and assign tasks, set deadlines, track progress, and collaborate on projects. This feature streamlines project workflows and improves overall efficiency.

Benefits of Intranet Software

  • Enhanced Communication: Intranets provide a centralized platform for employees to communicate and collaborate, irrespective of their physical locations. This fosters open lines of communication, breaks down silos, and promotes a culture of transparency within the organization.
  • Improved Knowledge Sharing: By providing a repository for documents, intranets ensure that important information is readily available to employees. This knowledge-sharing capability reduces redundancy, enables faster decision-making, and increases productivity.
  • Streamlined Processes: Intranet software simplifies various internal processes, such as requesting leave, submitting expense claims, or accessing HR policies. By automating routine tasks, intranets save time and reduce administrative burdens.
  • Employee Engagement: Intranets contribute to higher levels of employee engagement by providing a platform for collaboration, recognition, and social interaction. They foster a sense of belonging and help employees stay connected to the organization’s mission and values.
  • Secure Information Sharing: Intranets are protected by security measures, ensuring that sensitive company information remains confidential. Encryption, access controls, and user permissions safeguard data from unauthorized access.


As organizations continue to prioritize internal communication, collaboration, and employee engagement, the need for effective employee intranet platforms becomes paramount. The best employee intranet platforms in 2024, such as Microsoft SharePoint, Jive, Igloo, Workplace by Facebook, and ThoughtFarmer, offer a range of features and capabilities that enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and foster a sense of community among employees. By leveraging these powerful intranet platforms, organizations can create a cohesive and connected workforce, ultimately driving productivity and success in the digital age.