Jive is one of the leading software providers in modern collaborations and communication within organizations. It has unique and quality technology that assists businesses in collaborating effectively with their partners and customers.

Jive was founded in 2001 by Matt Tucker and Bill Lynch. Since then, the software continues to be one of the fastest growing providers in the service industry. With its headquarters in California, united states, Jive has more offices spread globally.

The software allows employers to engage their partners, employees, and customers on a social platform. By having a social technology engagement, organizations work in a new and more efficient manner.

Internally, the main objective of Jive is to improve teamwork, thereby increasing productivity. With Jive, it is easy for teams to brainstorm, share ideas and documents, and discuss what is being worked on. When it comes to an external function, Jive Supports partners and customers that drive more sales and service.

Try Jive, a company that brings the business community of all diverse groups in one platform. Jive leaves your employees, partners, and most importantly, customers satisfied, leading to increased productivity. Be the one to make a big move and stay ahead of competitors.

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