Pre-Recorded Video Interviews: Introduction, Tips and Best Practices

By hrlineup | 11.07.2022

Is it not a positive candidate experience to do a job interview at the comfort of your home? Well, pre-recorded video interviews make this experience come true. Before the Covid19 pandemic, many organizations had already adopted the live interview system in their recruitment strategy. Due to the dynamics and advancements in technology, pre-recorded interviews have hit the momentum with every organization using it to make their talent sourcing more efficient. As a result of integrating pre-recorded and live video interviews, the recruitment process saves on time and cost.

Below, we take you through pre-recorded video interview introduction, how it can help your hiring process, and pre-recorded interview tips. You can use them together with live interviews since they are all effective methods of candidate screening. It all depends on your hiring needs and time schedule. 

What is Pre-Recorded Video Interview?

Pre-recorded video interview is a recruitment evaluation, recorded by the candidate and sent to the recruiter for assessment. The candidate joins a video recording site and records themselves answering specific questions and saved in the software by the recruiter. The candidates are required to conduct the pre-recorded video interviews alone answering the questions, and afterwards, the recruiter automatically receives the recording for assessment.

Live vs Pre-Recorded Video Interviews

Note that a pre-recording video interview is the final recruitment evaluation done virtually, where candidates record the answers to questions set by the recruiters and save them on software. This is way different from the live video interviews which are alternatives to in-person evaluation. With live video interviews, the candidates meet face to face with the recruitment panel but through virtual video conferencing. There are plenty of software for live video interview to choose from, making the process straightforward and quick.

Benefits of Pre-Recorded Video Interviews

While live video interviews streamline the recruitment process, pre-recorded video interviews also come with their benefits. The following factors make pre-recorded video interviews a booster to the recruitment process. 

  • Reduces the cost per hire: Pre-recorded video interviews promote higher engagement and offer candidates the best experience. Doing less work during the hiring process saves the company’s resources.
  • Saves on time: The pre-recorded video interview introduction has saved recruiters a lot of time spent assessing candidates one-on-one. Recruiters can ask all the relevant questions at once and get the answers at a go. Therefore, it reduces the hiring time and ensures you don’t miss out on the best candidates. You also get to effectively schedule your time while focusing on other essential business functions. 
  • Interview more candidates:  Unlike live video and traditional in-person interviews, pre-recorded interviews allow you to assess many candidates simultaneously. You must draft a copy of the questions and send it to all your prospects.
  • Gain better insight: The recruiters get to know their candidates deeper, and you will get to know their personalities and communication skills.
  • Improve candidates’ experience: Candidates can take their time to prepare for the interview. This interview is the best fit for candidate screening in that you will get a more detailed response when the candidates are relaxed.

Best Practices for Pre-Recorded Video Interviews

All recruiters and job seekers should comprehend the tips for pre-recorded interviews. These tips will help boost your recruitment strategy and source the best top talent in the market.

1. Tips for Recruiters


Have an Introductory Video for Candidates

Do you want the candidates to be familiar with the technology you are using in hiring? Have a powerful introductory video where you introduce yourself and state the organization’s culture and the job role for which you seek talent. In your introduction, ensure to engage the candidates by having a friendly tone and explaining why you chose this method of interviewing. In addition, you should set the company’s expectations, the next step of the hiring process, not forgetting to tell them how to prepare for it.

Give Guidance to the Pre-Recorded Video Interview

Not all candidates are familiar with your interview strategy. If you want to save time, you can send a demo to show them the process step by step. Also, be specific with the quality of video you want, and guide them on creating a good environment for the interviews. The interviews should also have a specified duration to get all the information you want in making the best hiring decisions. 

Incorporate Video Questions

Recording the employer asking the questions one by one is one of the best pre-recorded interview tips that every recruiter should consider. Not only does it allow you to save time and resources, but it also helps you to personalize the strategy.  Moreover, recording the employer asking the questions gives the candidates a positive experience plus makes them feel valued by your company.

2. Tips for Candidates


Choose a Noiseless Environment to Record

The place you are recording your video should be quiet and have an excellent professional background. This surrounding will help you not get distracted once you click the start button. Additionally, switch off your phone and ensure you are alone in the room to avoid distraction. Other measures to consider are:

  • Dress professionally to create an excellent first impression
  • Ensure the environment is clean and has adequate lighting
  • Position the camera at your eye-level
  • Do not glare when recording

Communicate calmly

Through your pre-recorded interview introduction to your last word, ensure that you speak calmly and that your message is articulate. Veering off the theme of the questions makes it look like you do not follow instructions. In addition, you should be natural when answering the questions.

Practice Before the Interview

Once you receive the recruiter’s questionnaire, practice enhancing your confidence before recording. You can use the mirror to rehearse how to focus and make direct eye contact with the camera. Also, ensure the video interview tool is updated and you are connected to a stable internet to avoid getting bad quality videos. 


The recruitment process is efficient by adapting live interviews, but it is even better by incorporating pre-recorded video interviews. Although the latter is still finding its way in companies, it is easy to use and more efficient than other interview strategies.

Recruiters quickly get to the best candidates, and candidates get a platform to showcase their skills and behaviour. As a result, applicant screening is a walk-over for organizations using this strategy, so use our tips to enhance your pre-recorded video interviews.