U.S. Work Visas and Eligibility Requirements

By hrlineup | 20.02.2020

No matter where a person is from the world, they may have heard of the American dream. A chance to earn a higher income as well as experience modern and friendly working environments. With this at heart, many potential employees desire to work within the United States of America. To do this legally, an employer will need to ensure that these employees have a U.S. work visa. Two avenues can be explored. These are getting a temporary visa or being a permanent employee.

The Different Types of Work Visa for USA

Employees who are temporary will require a US Non-Immigrant Visa. Those who are permanent or sponsored will require an Immigrant Visa.

The Temporary USA job visas include the following: –

  1. H-1B – For people in speciality occupations such as fashion models, or individuals with a higher education degree.
  2. H-1B1 – For Free Trade Agreement Professionals from Chile and Singapore. This visa calls for applicants to have a minimum of four years study in a specialized field.
  3. H-2A – For temporary agricultural workers who are employed seasonally. It is limited to nationals from specific countries.
  4. H-2B – For temporary non-agricultural worker for seasonal work that is not based on agriculture. It is limited to national from specific countries.
  5. H – 3 – For trainee or special education visitors who are looking to receive training. This training should be focused on education of children with mental, emotional or physical disabilities.
  6. I – For representatives of foreign media. This is a visa specifically for journalists and others working in the media sector.
  7. L1 – For the intracompany transferee. This is an employee who is being transferred from a branch, affiliate or subsidiary of a company to work in an executive capacity.
  8. P – 1 – For individual or team athletes or members of an entertainment group. These are available for people participating in an athletic competition or as part of an entertainment group.
  9. P – 2 – For artists and entertainers. This visa is specific for anyone performing under a reciprocal exchange program.
  10. P – 3 – For artists or entertainers. This visa is for those who are performing, teaching or coaching a performance that is culturally unique.
  11. R – 1 – For temporary non-immigrant religious workers which is for anyone who is tied to a religious organisation or tied to doing religious work.
  12. TN – For NAFTA workers, specifically certain professionals coming to the US from Canada.
  13. O1 – This is for individuals who have expert knowledge and have received international recognition for their work.

The types of visa in USA for working include immigrant visas. These are received when an individual arrives in the US and is followed by a green card. The immigrant visa options to work in USA include the following: –

  1. EB-1 – For foreign nationals that have an extraordinary ability in certain fields, outstanding professors, or even multinational managers.
  2. EB-2 – For foreign nationals who hold advanced degrees for certain professions or who have exceptional ability.
  3. EB-3 – For foreign nationals who qualify as skilled workers, professionals or other workers.
  4. EB-4 – For special immigrants including religious workers, abused juveniles or even retired officers or certain employees.
  5. EB-5 – For immigrant investors who have invested at least $1 million or created employment worth $500,000 that will benefit the U.S. economy.

The visa that an employee applies for will determine the USA work permit requirements. There are a range to choose from and what is important is to apply for the right one.