ERIN Overview

The best way to find excellent employees is through referrals. ERIN is an employee referral software that is easy to use and highly effective. It allows for one-click mobile referrals and a host of other features including Smart Referral recommendations, bonus tracking and referral texting. More than 500,000 employees around the world are actively using this app to provide employee referrals to potential recruiters.

The key advantage of using ERIN is cutting the costs that are associated with employee referrals for all parties. It takes only 30 seconds to make a referral, which can be done in real-time. Mobile notifications and automated emails ensure that employees can stay in the loop of the referral process. 

ERIN Features

ERIN tool allows you to conduct employee referrals anywhere, anytime. Through this tool, many organizations have greatly benefitted and successfully placed candidates. The software is easy to use, and any employee will not experience difficulty using it. In addition, the product uses smart referral AI to amplify a range of features, including: –

  • Bonus reporting
  • Tiered and dynamic bonuses
  • Language and currency localization
  • Internal mobility
  • Message centre
  • Filter and export referral data
  • Co-branding and full white label
  • General referrals
  • ATS, HRIS and SSO integration
  • Employee support and live chat

It is possible to track referrals as well as for an employee to nominate themselves for available positions. Beyond the referral capabilities, this app also allows human resource managers to track bonus waiting periods for easy payment management.

Quick Facts
  • Human Resources
  • Contact ERIN for current pricing
  • 11-50 employees
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