The Klein Law Group is a legal advocate for employees across New York. Their knowledgeable lawyers address legislation issues across various industries and work to get their clients compensation for mistreatment from their employers. If you feel that your employer was in violation of laws relating to fair working practices or if they have a claim against you, one of their lawyers can give you a free assessment of these claims and let you know if you have a strong case.  The firm won’t charge you a fee unless they win a settlement. The lawyers at the firm speak multiple languages and provide information on their website to empower their clients to know their rights in the workplace before things escalate.

The law group addresses legislation for wage and hour claims, harassment, hostile work environment, and discrimination claims, and noncompetition-confidentiality agreements. Their lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of New York federal labor laws, and they work on cases where employers violate laws relating to paying adequate wages or demanding that employees work more hours than is required. They handle other claims related to discrimination and harassment for employees whose employers’ threatened them at work, denied them a promotion, or fired them for reasons unrelated to their abilities. The law group also preemptively will examine non-compete contracts before an employee signs with a company to ensure that the terms are fair and reasonable and allow the employee to continue working in their field. They also help employees navigate these complex cases if they are accused of copyright or stealing clients from their previous employers.

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