Oracle Workforce Management

Oracle Workforce Management is a cloud-based platform that helps organizations manage their employee schedules, attendance, and time-off requests. It integrates with Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) to provide a holistic view of the workforce, including payroll and benefits data.

One of the key features of Oracle Workforce Management is its ability to optimize employee schedules based on business needs and employee preferences. This includes forecasting demand, scheduling shifts, and managing employee availability. The platform also allows employees to request time off or trade shifts with their colleagues, reducing the burden on HR and managers.

Oracle Workforce Management also provides real-time visibility into employee attendance, helping organizations track and manage compliance with attendance policies. It also helps managers identify patterns of absenteeism and proactively address any issues.

In addition to its core scheduling and attendance features, Oracle Workforce Management also offers a range of integrations and tools to help organizations manage their workforce more effectively. This includes tools for analyzing workforce data, training and development, and performance management.

Overall, Oracle Workforce Management is a powerful tool for organizations looking to streamline their workforce management processes and improve employee engagement. By providing a single platform for managing employee schedules, attendance, and other HR functions, it helps organizations optimize their workforce and drive business success.

Quick Facts
  • Hiring & Employment Practices
  • 10,001+ employees
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