Applicant tracking software that’s ready for anything. The platform provides tools and resources for employers to identify and reach out to underrepresented groups, including women, minorities, and people with disabilities.

One of the key features of Pinpoint is its resume database, which allows employers to search for candidates based on specific criteria such as education, experience, and skills. The platform also includes a job posting feature, allowing companies to advertise open positions to a diverse pool of candidates.

Pinpoint also offers tools for tracking and measuring diversity in the hiring process. This includes metrics such as the percentage of diverse candidates who applied, were interviewed, and were ultimately hired. This data can be used to identify areas where the company may be falling short in its diversity efforts and make necessary adjustments.

In addition to its recruitment tools, Pinpoint also offers resources for building a more inclusive workplace culture. This includes training materials and best practices for creating a welcoming and supportive environment for diverse employees.

Overall, Pinpoint is a comprehensive tool for companies looking to increase diversity in their hiring process. Its resume database, job posting feature, and tracking tools make it easier for companies to find and hire diverse candidates, while its resources for building an inclusive workplace culture ensure that these employees feel welcomed and supported.

Quick Facts
  • Hiring & On-boarding
  • 11-50 employees
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