Employers can relate that finding a passive employee in this competitive market can be difficult. Everyone is looking for them. Have you ever wondered what they could be doing to find such high-end candidates? SeekOut is a cloud-based software assisting employers in enhancing a candidate’s profile. They add applicants’ details such as photos, skills, social links, addresses, and educational background to the search engine bringing efficiency to your sourcing experience.

Anoop Gupta, John Tippett, Aravind Bala, and Vikas Manocha came together in 2015 and founded SeekOut. This is because of their disappointment in trying to hire passive employees. To date, SeekOut’s AI-powered search engine stands out among others because they use 32 technology products and services. These include HTML5, jQuery, google analytics, and many more.

Before consulting sourcing assistance, consider its background and reputation. SeekOut, within the few years of operation, has amazed its clients by protecting their privacy. Your sourcing will be easy, and hire the best candidate while learning the diverse market.

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