Employer of Record Tools & Suppliers

  • Lano

    Lano, a pioneering platform has emerged as a transformative solution in the realm of global payroll and Employer of Record ...


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    WorkBoard is a cutting-edge platform that stands at the forefront of strategy execution software, revolutionizing the way organizations plan, align, ...

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    Quantive is a cutting-edge provider of strategy execution software, empowering businesses to seamlessly translate their strategic visions into tangible, measurable ...

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  • Fitbots OKR

    Fitbots is a cutting-edge platform that revolutionizes the way organizations approach goal-setting and performance management through its AI-assisted Enterprise OKRs ...

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  • Businessmap

    BusinessMap, positioned as a cutting-edge Business Agility platform, is a dynamic and comprehensive solution designed to empower organizations in navigating ...

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  • Shibumi

    Shibumi is a cutting-edge Strategic Planning Software that empowers organizations to streamline their strategic initiatives and enhance overall performance. Designed ...

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