Remofirst is a global EOR service provider on a mission to free employers from geographical boundaries so they can access global talent with ease. Their EOR platform is set up to help you hire and manage full-time employees or global contractors in 150+ countries, eliminating the need to set up a local entity in every country you want to source talent from.

Remofirst also provides international payroll and invoice management, global benefits management (including insurance and equity plans, plus time-off management), and employee support with obtaining visas and other documentation. They can even help you with provisioning equipment to your distributed employees around the world. Their global payroll services simplify the international payroll process, giving you the option to summarize and aggregate your invoices into one payment, rather than making multiple individual payments.

Their team of legal experts and HR professionals will also ensure your business operations are always compliant with changing global regulations, with compliance documentation accessible at all times through your secure dashboard. Remofirst’s EOR plan costs from $199/employee/month. They also offer a free plan with limited features if you only need to hire global contractors.

You can obtain their services with no hidden fees or fixed contract terms. All clients also receive a dedicated account manager as their main point of contact too.

Core features:
Employer of Record (EOR) Services
• International Payroll and Invoice Management
• Global Benefits Management (Insurance, Equity, Time Off, etc)
• Equipment Provisioning around the world
• Global Contractor Payments
• Employee Support (Visas, Documentation, and more)

Quick Facts
  • Payroll
  • 11-50 employees
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