US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Understanding the markets and trends can be a key indicator of whether companies can achieve success and ensure staff is supported. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is an official agency from the United States government that measures various elements around labor. These include working conditions, labor market activity, productivity, and price changes for labor within the economy. This information is available for both the public and private sectors.

This fact-finding agency is independent, covering national statistics. The information collected goes through processing and analysis so that the disseminated information can be easily understood by the general public. The Department of Labor is the key statistical resource for this agency.

The information made available takes into consideration social and economic issues so that it is relevant to the consistently changing economic conditions. There are three main reports that the BLS produces. The first is the Employment Report which reports on the number of jobs that have been created in the past month and the sectors in the economy that are creating employment. The Unemployment Report reveals unemployment statistics. The third is the Inflation Report, which surveys price data to determine the inflation rate which could affect demand and supply.

Accuracy, impartiality, and accessibility are the key factors that drive the BLS with any information produced.

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