Turing is a global technology company that connects top engineering talent with leading companies to build world-class digital products and solutions. The company provides a range of services including, but not limited to, software development, QA and testing, data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain, and DevOps. With its headquarters in San Francisco, California, Turing operates as a fully remote company with employees and contractors located all over the world.

Turing has built a reputation for itself by being highly selective when it comes to hiring engineering talent. The company’s rigorous screening process is designed to identify and recruit only the top 1% of engineers from around the world. This means that clients who engage Turing’s services can expect to work with top-notch talent who have been carefully vetted for their technical expertise and soft skills.

Turing’s team of engineers is highly experienced in working with a variety of programming languages, frameworks, and tools, including Python, Java, React, Angular, Node.js, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, and more. This expertise allows Turing to provide its clients with a comprehensive range of services, from building MVPs to developing complex enterprise-grade solutions.

One of the unique features of Turing is its ability to offer flexible engagement models to its clients. For example, clients can choose to work with Turing on a full-time, part-time, or hourly basis, depending on their specific needs. This flexibility makes Turing an ideal partner for companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

In addition to providing top engineering talent, Turing also places a strong emphasis on project management and communication. The company has developed its own proprietary project management platform that allows clients to easily track the progress of their projects and communicate with their dedicated engineering teams. Turing also assigns a dedicated account manager to each client, who serves as a single point of contact for all project-related inquiries.

Overall, Turing has established itself as a leading provider of top engineering talent and software development services. Its commitment to excellence, technical expertise, and flexible engagement models make it an ideal partner for companies looking to build world-class digital products and solutions.

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