Tully Rinckey PLCC

Tully Rinckey is a law firm that serves both local and international clientele. Client service and understanding client needs are the primary focus of Tully Rinckey. The ultimate goals of the client are taken into consideration, and the working strategy focuses on close collaborations and working together as a team.

The firm was established by a Service-Disabled Veteran, and the guiding moral principles of the United States Military apply in the daily operations. These are the principles of being honorable, a sense of duty, and a commitment to achieving excellence in all tasks and interactions.

Within the firm, there is a team of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EOCC) attorneys who are excellent at representing federal employees from any federal agencies. They can link up with EEO counselors and understand the process to be followed when filing a formal EEO complaint. During an EEO investigation, clients can get representation through the following legal services: –

  • Filing discrimination and retaliation complaints
  • Protecting whistle-blowers from retaliation
  • Maintaining privacy rights
  • Obtaining reasonable accommodation for disabilities
  • Provide Office of inspector General responses and so much more

Representation is available at every step of the federal government’s EEO process, up until appeals in federal court.

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