All workers require representation and a voice in the workplace. There are those workers who often do not receive fair representation or presence and require assistance. The Arc is a company that helps individuals who live with intellectual and developmental disabilities realize their goals of learning, living, work, and play. This company works closely with family members to ensure that the assistance given fits well into the life and routine of the individual.

The Arc was founded in 1956 in Southwest Idaho and operates as a private non-profit organization with a range of support services. The following services are provided: –

  • Vocational programs
  • Assisted Living
  • Living Skills Assistance
  • Recreation and Vacation Opportunities

The core service that is offered by the Arc is Developmental Therapy, and this is followed by the program for recreational and vacation activities. Being a non-profit organization, this company leans towards funding through donations as well as pick up services for any goods that they need. To date, more than 600 people are living with developmental and intellectual disabilities who are benefitting from the range of programs offered by the Arc. The services include residential, vocational, recreational, as well as developmental programs.

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