San Diego Employment Law Group

San Diego Employment Group is a leading law firm that offers specialized employment law counsel and litigation services. It was founded in 1992 and has been successful in helping more than five thousand clients. This firm has offices in San Diego’s Mission Valley, Del Mar Heights as well as Carlsbad, California. The clients of the firm include government employees, private sector employees as well as federal employees. The range of legal issues that the San Diego Employment Law Group can service include discrimination, wrongful termination, wage and hour claims, sexual harassment, workplace defamation, and more. Specialized issues such as ageism are also dealt with by this firm.

The team of lawyers at the firm have a combined legal experience of more than 100 years. Since its inception, it has continued to expand its service offerings. There is also a state-of-the-art legal research center and employment law library that anyone can refer to. The attorneys at the firm practice in California and are also legally able to practice in other courts around the United States.

To get started with this firm is simple through their free initial consultation to prospective clients. They serve any workplace issue with ease.

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