Qntrl is a cloud-based workflow software that offers a wide range of tools to help teams manage their projects and tasks efficiently. It is designed to streamline the workflow process by providing a centralized platform for collaboration, communication, and project management.

At its core, Qntrl is a task management tool that allows users to create and assign tasks to team members. Each task can be customized with various attributes such as due dates, priority levels, and labels. Additionally, Qntrl allows users to create projects, which can be broken down into smaller tasks, each with its own set of attributes.

One of the key features of Qntrl is its ability to automate tasks and workflows. Users can create custom workflows that automatically assign tasks to team members based on predefined rules. For example, a workflow can be set up to automatically assign a task to a specific team member when it reaches a certain stage in the project. This can help to reduce the manual effort required to manage tasks and ensure that projects stay on track.

Qntrl also provides tools for communication and collaboration. Users can leave comments on tasks and projects, allowing team members to discuss and collaborate on specific items. Additionally, Qntrl supports file sharing, allowing team members to upload and share files related to tasks and projects.

Another useful feature of Qntrl is its reporting and analytics tools. Qntrl provides a dashboard that displays real-time information on tasks, projects, and team performance. This can help team leaders to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to improve overall productivity.

Overall, Qntrl is a powerful workflow software that offers a range of tools to help teams manage their tasks and projects efficiently. With its task management, automation, communication, and analytics features, Qntrl provides a centralized platform for collaboration and project management that can help teams to stay organized and productive. Whether you’re managing a small team or a large enterprise, Qntrl can help you to streamline your workflow process and get more done in less time.

Quick Facts
  • Workflow Management Software
  • 51-200 employees
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