Pines Federal (PLLC) has law offices that offer legal representation to individuals that are often underrepresented. Its services have been available for over 20 years in Houston, with excellent federal employment lawyers working to protect employee rights in federal agencies. These include federal employees in EEO and OPM Disability, Workers Comp, Veterans Affairs, and MSPB cases. PLLC put client needs above all else and ensure that the resolutions available are cost-effective and offer long term benefit. Litigation for the client is strong and tenacious, with appeals being done where required.

Federal employees can receive consultation, training, mediation, and litigation through PLCC. Although this firm has its base in Houston, it is able to serve individuals across all the states. It also has additional offices in Atlanta and Baltimore. Litigation lawyers will service from the consultation process through to battling it out in court where necessary.

Individuals seeking information on the latest trends and updates to nationwide federal employment law will find resources on the Pines Federal blog. For a review of their track record, their site also includes case results, allowing potential clients to review what the lawyers have been able to achieve.

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